Do you own a building or manage one and want peace of mind for the safety of your staff, tenants and customers? If so, CCTV installation by Polyteck is the solution to secure your property from potential theft or vandalism. You can trust our professionals to provide expert camera maintenance services that will give you continuity and protection against any security threats. With extensive experience in providing reliable repair solutions, we guarantee satisfaction with our meticulous attention to detail every time!


Expert CCTV Installation Services for Maximum Security

CCTV installation is taken seriously by Polyteck, which is dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients. Our highly skilled professionals have mastered the knowledge to complete CCTV installation projects skillfully and expertly. Each CCTV installation starts with a consultation during which the customer’s demands are carefully explored, and an ideal CCTV plan is created.

Polyteck offers CCTV systems from leading global brands, including Paxton, HikVision, Ubiquity, and all top brands on the market, to guarantee longevity and dependability and to meet the monitoring needs of any customer for years to come. For organisations in London, Polyteck’s intuitive CCTV solutions make CCTV installation a quick and painless process.

Top CCTV Systems We Trust and Why We Choose Them

CCTV systems offered by companies like Paxton, HikVision, and Ubiquity have revolutionised the way businesses approach security measures. These sophisticated systems are highly integrated and configured with other component-based security systems for residential and commercial buildings. They provide a variety of features that make them an attractive solution for businesses needing better security measures.

Not only do CCTV systems offer advanced digital monitoring, but they also enable increased surveillance coverage; this allows businesses to improve their security infrastructure cost-effectively and with fewer human resources. With greater transparency, CCTV systems ensure heightened safety and give business owners greater peace of mind regarding their assets and personnel. The following are some of the top futures they provide and why we like to use them:

paxton logo
  • Manage all security features from one user interface
  • Enjoy the live view and event recording capabilities
  • Make your business operations safer and more convenient
  • Managing 1000 doors with one device
hikvision logo
  • HD Cameras for superior image quality
  • PTZ Units for versatile viewing and tracking
  • Solar Powered Cameras for eco-friendly security
  • High Risk/Explosion-proof cameras for hazardous areas
  • Underwater cameras for specialised security needs
ubiquity logo
  • Wireless access points, routers, switches, security cameras, controller appliances, VoIP phones and access control products are available.
  • Advanced technology ensures stable performance in challenging environmental conditions.
  • Exceptional image capture capabilities

CCTV Systems Maintenance: Keep Your Property Safe and Secure

Polyteck’s maintenance services ensure that your CCTV systems continue working in the future. This service includes a comprehensive inspection and testing of your CCTV systems to identify potential issues and ensure they run optimally.


The Polyteck staff will inspect the recording unit, cameras, displays, and other system parts. Testing will be done on all cables, connectors, programmes, and firmware. Also, they will look for any signs of deterioration, corrosion, or other damage. After the inspection, our experts will provide you with a comprehensive report on the state of your system and carry out any required repairs or maintenance. With the aid of this service, you may have peace of mind knowing that your CCTV systems are consistently in excellent condition and performing at their best.

Frequency Asked Questions

What is CCTV?

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a form of security that allows individuals and organizations to monitor activity on their premises. It uses cameras, monitors, and recording devices to capture and record images of everything happening in any location. Through CCTV systems, users can view both recorded footage as well as live images, which can be extremely helpful for a variety of security purposes ranging from deterring crime to providing surveillance while on premises.

Are CCTV cameras legal?

Yes, CCTV cameras are legal. Using recording equipment, such as CCTV or smart door entry, to capture video or sound recordings outside the user’s property boundary is not a breach of data protection law. It is certainly beneficial to have cameras facing outwards to monitor your property entrance and exterior. To comply with data protection laws, cameras should not be pointed at neighbours’ homes, gardens, or shared areas.

Do commercial buildings need to follow any specific laws when it comes to installing CCTV?

Although a CCTV user doesn’t need planning permission unless the property is listed, they must still comply with three key pieces of UK legislation:

  • The Protection of Freedoms Act 2021
  • The Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013 (SCCOP)
  • The Data Protection Act (DPA)

Therefore, the business must be aware of its responsibilities when using CCTV. They will have to, for example:

  • Display CCTV signs to alert people
  • Providing images within a month of recording to anyone recorded
  • Provide images to police if they request
  • Delete the unnecessary images
  • SMEs must pay an annual data protection fee to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Can CCTV be used to monitor staff?

CCTV has become an increasingly popular tool for employers to monitor their employees, with laws allowing employers to use such systems for lawful reasons, including employee safety and crime prevention. Overall, CCTV can be a useful tool for employers with a legitimate reason to monitor their employees, helping ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and staff performance.

Will CCTV work without the internet?

The simple answer is yes. While remote viewing of footage won’t be available, CCTV cameras are still able to function without an internet connection. This is because the functionality of capturing footage from CCTV cameras does not need to have access to the web or any outside source. Additionally, those who desire to use the camera will be able to see the recordings by simply physically accessing the device itself. However, a connection is required in order to transfer data over a network or gain access remotely; thus explaining why remote view will not be available if no internet connection is present.

Will CCTV work without electricity?

The answer is both yes and no. In order to make CCTV cameras function without relying on electrical power, they will need to be either solar or battery powered. For instance, if placed in areas lacking access to a sufficient electrical grid, CCTV cameras’ greatest advantage – surveillance – can be harnessed if a solar powered solution is applied. Such an application would ensure that the cameras will benefit from the efficiency of clean and renewable energy sources, therefore allowing for effective security surveillance even in remote locations.

Is CCTV an alarm system?

No, CCTV is not an alarm system. Instead of alerting people to danger, CCTVs primarily capture footage of activities in and around an area. Because of this, CCTVs are mainly used commercially for businesses as opposed to private homes that need a more comprehensive security setup, including alarms.

How Much Does CCTV Installation Cost?

This is not an easy question to answer due to the fact that different properties will require differing amounts of cameras. With so many options available, it becomes very difficult to give a general figure on how much a complete installation will cost you. In addition, every property is unique, so the number of cameras necessary for one building could be far less or more than what would be needed in another. Finally, considerations such as the cameras’ quality and location must also be considered when investigating CCTV installation costs.

Some of the variables include:

  • Are there any specific types of cameras to be used?
  • How many cameras should be used?
  • What is the location of these cameras?
  • Do difficult-to-access places require special equipment for installation?
  • How would you like to store your data?
  • What monitoring options would you need?
  • CCTV system with wires or wireless?

It is best to discuss during a CCTV survey to get an accurate idea of how much CCTV installation will cost you. During this meeting, you’ll be able to discuss your budget and determine if the CCTV system you want fits within your designated limits before committing to CCTV installation.

Benefits of Choosing Polyteck’s CCTV Installers

Choosing the Polyteck CCTV installers for your security system provides endless benefits:

  • Professional consultants who collaborate with you at every stage to design and install the ideal system for your security requirements.
  • Careful installation performed by highly skilled engineers, providing top quality without sacrificing execution.
  • An unmatched customer service team offers aftercare support, giving customers peace of mind for any questions or problems.
  • Professionals specialising in CCTV installation can advise you on the ideal CCTV system for your requirements.
  • Installation of CCTV was done with great care, taking safety precautions and scheduling routine maintenance.
  • Professionals with extensive experience who effectively address your security needs with the best CCTV solutions.

Our expert advisors will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the perfect system is designed and installed for your security needs. Attentive care to detail and conscientious installation from our highly qualified engineers guarantee top quality without compromising implementation. Furthermore, our unrivalled customer care team goes above and beyond in providing aftercare support, offering you peace of mind in any queries or issues arising. Benefits from choosing Polyteck are unavoidable – not just good CCTV but optimal protection!

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Polyteck is dedicated to providing professional CCTV installation and maintenance services in the most timely, secure and efficient manner. Our experienced team of experts are here to help you determine the best CCTV system for your needs while following vital safety protocols. We guarantee that maintenance will always be up-to-date and your security requirements will consistently met. Contact us today for reliable assistance with all your CCTV installation needs. Polyteck is committed to ensuring that you and your property are always safeguarded. Our quality service comes at an unbeatable price, so why wait? Not only can we save you time and money, but we also grant you peace of mind. So don’t hesitate any longer–trust the professionals at Polyteck and enjoy true security, knowing that our reliable services are just one call away!

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