What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is critical in providing the property owner with a comprehensive home security system. It registers incidents across multiple sensors and sends a signal to the alarm receiving centre (ARC) when a breach is detected. Alarm monitoring ensures that the relevant authorities are contacted in case of an emergency and personal phone calls are used instead of automated services. This guarantees that responses are tailored to the particular incident. Hence, homeowners have the peace of mind knowing their property and family are safe anytime.

The alarm monitoring process involves the continuous supervision of the communication between the alarm systems on site and the receiving centre. Alarms can be set to contact nominated keyholders, fire brigade, or an alarm company. Below are all the parties involved in a monitored alarm:

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  • The Alarm Company
    At Polyteck, we understand how important alarm systems are in ensuring your premises’ safety and security. We specialise in installing and maintaining alarm systems so you can keep your business, home, or other building safe.
  • The Alarm Receiving Centre
    When the alarm is activated the ARC is the first one to receive the signal. 
  • The Keyholder/Security Company
    After the signal is received by the ARC they connect it to the company responsible for responding to the alarm. Alarm response companies can be the fire brigade or the police depending on your set up. 

When the alarm is functioning properly it sends information to the security monitoring provider. This communication process is autonomous and enables the alarm receiving centre in UK to respond rapidly.

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With our alarm monitoring systems installation and maintenance package you get a bespoke service provided by qualified and trained engineers piling several years of practical experience. Our technicians will visit, provide accurate quotations, install and provide planned or reactive maintenance depending on your building’s needs.

Alarm monitoring requires planned maintenance plans for several reasons:

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  • Compliance with insurance requirements: Alarm monitoring systems in high-value homes need regular maintenance and testing. Homeowners’ insurance can be maintained by regularly checking the system.
  • Improved reliability: Regular maintenance and testing can improve monitoring systems’ reliability. Detection and reporting of intrusions are more effective.
  • Protection from liability: Tests can prevent malfunctions and accidental activations of alarms, which could lead to legal action against homeowners and insurers. Your alarm monitoring system can protect you from liability if it functions correctly. 

By performing annual checks on alarm monitoring systems, Polyteck helps to ensure that homeowners with high-value homes are in compliance with insurance requirements, have reliable systems that are less likely to generate false alarms, and can feel secure knowing that their home is protected.

Alarm Monitoring Installation Process

Polyteck provides a comprehensive alarm monitoring installation to ensure the safety and protection of your residential or commercial property. Our experienced technicians will begin with a detailed consultation and assessment of your unique security needs, followed by a custom design and installation plan suited to your requirements. The alarm monitoring installation process involves the placement of high-quality alarm monitoring devices, including sensors and cameras. The installation process concludes with a full report on the state of the alarm system and a planned preventative maintenance plan suited to your needs.

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Alarm Monitoring Systems Maintenance


At Polyteck we understand the importance of having a reliable and effective alarm system. Our alarm monitoring systems maintenance service ensures the continuous functioning of your alarm systems. Our services include protection against fake signals and interruption between the installed alarm devices and the ARC. 

Protection Against False Alarm Signals


The protection against false signals from the alarm system to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) is achieved through a combination of technical and procedural measures.

Alarm monitoring is an important security aspect for any business or home. False alarms can lead to costly disruptions and unnecessary expenditures. Our experienced engineers will install and configure the on-site alarm system with several features to reduce false alarms, such as entry/exit delays, verification, and filtering. These measures allow the alarm to accurately distinguish between genuine and false alarms. Furthermore, we will provide comprehensive training to users of the alarm system so they can use it properly and avoid triggering false alarms. Furthermore, our engineers will perform regular alarm system tests to identify potential sources of false alarms and take action where necessary. Ultimately, these safeguards ensure that your business or property is always adequately monitored without being subject to frequent unwanted false alarms..

Benefits of choosing Polyteck’s Alarm Monitoring Services

Your building and its occupants’ security should never be left to chance, that is why Polyteck offers a comprehensive alarm monitoring service package. Our experienced team of engineers will visit, provide a quotation, install and offer a planned or reactive maintenance plan. 

Polyteck begins any alarm monitoring service with a consultation and a visit to the property in order to fully assess the premises and the clients’ needs

 After the alarm systems installation we will test all connections, softwares and any firmware features of the installed devices. Our experienced technicians will also check for any signs of damage, software malfunction, communication errors and make any necessary repairs or adjustments. With Polyteck’s comprehensive alarm monitoring service you can be confident that your systems are always working correctly and we manage false alarms to ensure your alarm is always properly connected.

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When choosing your alarm monitoring system provider consider the range of services your alarm system maintenance service provides. Polyteck manages a large portfolio of buildings in London offering a diverse set of leading-edge monitoring solutions increasing your safety. 

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At Polyteck we offer a comprehensive suite of security services designed to meet a diverse set of property needs.

Our team of seasoned security engineers are well-equipped to install and maintain fire alarms, intruder alarms and CCTV systems. We also install and monitor various auxiliary life safety systems adapted to your fire alarms enhancing the safety and ease of use of your existing security systems. 

Frequency Asked Questions

What are monitored alarms?

Vigilant alarm monitoring is central to your personal safety and the security of your property. Installing a monitored alarm system means the difference between a basic DIY theft alarm device and the investment in a qualified support providing 24/7 monitoring of your premises. Most UK-based insurance companies require monitored alarms with an annual maintenance contract as a minimum requirement to insure any high-valued properties.

What are the benefits of a monitored alarm system?

The most important feature of a monitored alarm system is that it ensures regular checks by a certified operator ensuring the alarm signal never sends false alarm signals and always reaches the ARC.


 Monitored alarm systems offer quicker response times in the event of intrusion or another security incident and 24/7/365 protection even when you are away. 


Another important feature is the reduced risk of false alarms as the systems are equipped with specific technologies such as alarm verification and entry/exit delays. Minimising the risk of false alarms helps response teams to get dispatched only in the event of genuine alarm. 


Users of monitored alarm systems enjoy improved security with the additional security layers effectively fending off potential intruders. 

Finally properties with monitored alarm systems enjoy home insurance discounts. Most UK insurance companies working with high-value properties recognise the added security protection monitored alarms bring to homes.

What is the difference between monitored and unmonitored security systems?

Unmonitored security systems, also known as self-monitored systems, consist most often of self installed equipment. Even if the alarm devices are professionally installed when they are not monitored they run the risk of sending false alarm signals or compromising the connection between the alarm and the keyholder or ARC.

What’s the difference between alarm monitoring, alarm response and keyholding?

Alarm monitoring continuously checks an alarm system to ensure it works properly and is able to respond when activated, while preventing falls alarms. Alarm response involves the dispatch of a security professional to the alarm site after an alarm has been triggered, to assess the situations and take appropriate action. Finally keyholding refers to the storage of property keys in a security professional who is authorised to use them in the event of alarm activation. The security professional or keyholder can attend the property at any time eliminating the need for the keyholder to be there all the time.

Is it worth paying for alarm monitoring?

Short answer is yes, because self-monitoring means you have to be available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to do it yourself. Professional monitoring services are the most reliable method of ensuring the continuous functionality of your alarm monitoring system.

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Southern and Northern Monitoring

Polyteck chooses the most secure partners for your home and office safety, for this reason our ARC partner is Southern and Northern Monitoring. SMON provides top-level security monitoring stations covering a full range of security services including fire, intruder, water and flood detection systems manned 24/7/365. The ARC team of Southern and Northern Monitoring works with the most advanced technology and smart monitoring solutions thus making it a preferred choice for our alarm monitoring services partner and your safety. 

Staying ahead of the technical curve in the alarm monitoring world may sound like it could exceed your budget, however this is not the case with SMON. When choosing our partners we value cost effectiveness and quality of service the same. Our alarm monitoring services are always suited to your budget and will exceed your expectations. 

BT Redcare

Polyteck will never compromise the safety of your building and its occupants and for this reason we choose to work with BT Redcare. BT Redcare is a certified provider of intruder alarm signalling systems that will never fail and provide continuous secure connection to an alarm receiving centre. 

For more information on BT Redcare read our news section.

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