Even before Covid-19, traditional methods of keeping tabs on buildings were giving way to IoT remote monitoring systems. Polyteck powered by Enviro Logik are paving the way to ensure that future integration is present within our clients buildings.

Predicting, preventing and protecting equipment within properties is vital, IoT Remote Monitoring now provides this potential. Increased pressure on budgets, Polyteck’s end-to-end digital facility services are the perfect way to help you manage your premises and costs effectively.





Smart Sensors provide personalised information to each client, to name but a few; Air and Space Temperature Sensors, Water Temperature Sensors for Water Tanks, Chilled Water, Heating and Hot Water Circuits, Refrigerant Pressure Sensors – Live High/Low Refrigerant Pressure on A/C and Refrigeration.

Our complete IoT sensing solution for M&E systems provides small unobtrusive sensors with 5+ year battery life where all the devices connect via a secure Cellular Network.

The possibilities are endless and allow building managers, on-site engineers, on-site security and maintenance providers the ability to use the system. Online monitoring alerts will be sent to multiple personalised point of contact and will ensure that you understand mishaps in the property because they become and issue.

IoT remote monitoring is becoming a huge investment especially with Covid-19 causing reduced ability to enter the property via safety measures. Remote monitoring and control recently helped a leading UK property developer safely and rapidly implement a COVID 19 building maintenance plan that helped saved £330k on what would have been wasted energy costs. Remote monitoring will improve your ROI and we can show you what you can save before we have implemented and installed our equipment.



EnviroLogik working in conjunction with M&E Contractors Polyteck have installed their multi-sensor M&E IOT system in both sub-basement and rooftop plant rooms using their proprietary IOT hardware which was rapidly installed to monitor key items of equipment that the BMS couldn’t. Unlike other systems, our system is unique in that it can communicate and penetrate through sub-basement plant room walls.

Providing remote monitoring and critical alarming data using a secure Mobile network, enabling monitoring of key items.


Special IOT Sensors have been developed and were quickly and easily installed by Polyteck’s technicians to monitor:

      • Chiller Refrigerant Pressures/Leaks

      • Chiller Energy Consumption

      • Plant Room Water Leaks from Heating and Chilled Water Pumps and Sump Pumps

      • Water Tank Temperatures

      • AHU Filter differential pressures

      • Boiler and Chiller Flow Switches

Not all IOT systems are the same, Polyteck instil a full platform or multi-layered web based Dashboard. This is accessible at different levels from Security guards, Building managers, Multi-site Facility Managers and external Contractors.

The open architecture EnviroLogik IOT system can migrate into external systems such as Building Asset and Maintenance/Management systems through an API system and that’s exactly what they have done with Polyteck’s own Multi-Site Planned Maintenance system.

Polyteck’s technicians receive instant alerts as soon as something isn’t working quite as it should. Decisions can then be made by key customers staff to fix items before they fail. Offering true Condition Based Maintenance.

These IOT sensors, and secure Gateways are not connected to a Wi-Fi, or Buildings ethernet network. Ensuring a highly secure network which can expand into monitoring many other systems.


Please see below a walkthrough of our newest installation.This is a complete walkthrough of our dashboard, this ensures that all information and statistics are to be found within the dashboard.

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