Fire Alarm Servicing: Ensuring Optimal Fire Safety with Polyteck

Fire Alarm Servicing is crucial for the safety of your building and its occupants, which is why we at Polyteck place a high priority on it. Our fire and safety engineers are qualified to industry standards, and we provide emergency call-out services 24/7. Certified and fully qualified for tasks ranging from design and installation to commissioning, maintenance, and verification of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems, our dedication to comprehensive service underscores our position as your trusted FM contractor in London.

In case of an emergency, the Fire Alarm is the first system to respond, and its maintenance is crucial. When a fire strikes, the flawless operation of this system becomes paramount, ensuring quick evacuations and minimising potential risks. Our fire alarm services go beyond mere compliance with legal obligations – they’re about establishing and maintaining the highest regulatory benchmarks to keep you safe.


As a property manager or owner, it is crucial to prioritise fire alarm inspection and testing as a fundamental aspect of your overall fire safety strategy. Even a minor oversight in your fire safety system can have serious consequences. With Polyteck’s planned preventative and reactive maintenance services, you can trust that your premises are fully protected against potential fire hazards. We are dedicated to upholding the highest fire safety standards, ensuring the optimal safety of your building and its occupants.


Choose Polyteck for comprehensive fire alarm maintenance and servicing, safeguarding your property and providing you with peace of mind.


Fire Alarm Installation

At Polyteck, we install fire alarm systems with the utmost care, as each system is customised to meet the needs of your business or residence. Whether your fire alarm requires a brand-new installation or is an upgrade to an existing system, we can provide advice on suitable fire detection and alarm system grade and type for your premises, prepare system design and fire alarm specification, and carry out Installation and fire alarm commissioning, control panels and sirens

that best suit your environment. As soon as the project is complete, our experienced fire safety engineer will demonstrate how to use the fire alarm panel and conduct weekly tests. You will also be required to fill out a logbook for future reference. Any building or property with a fire alarm system must be carefully considered, especially if it is complex or extensive.
Anything other than simple, one-store structures can require highly sophisticated fire detection and fire alarm systems that utilise the latest digital technology.
Ensure that these installations are tailored to the specific needs of a particular set of premises. To ensure your fire alarm installation is done correctly and offers you the safety and security expected, it is best to entrust experts like those at Polyteck, who have vast knowledge in this field.

Fully Accredited in Fire Safety: Expertise You Can Trust

We have been BAFE Fire Safety Approved contractors since 2011 and we maintain a Kitemark License for Fire Safety. Our accreditation encompass the full scope of responsibilities covering Design, Installation, Commissioning/handover, Maintenance, and Verification of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems.

Additionally, Polyteck’s Fire and Safety director holds a FireQual Award in Fire Detection and Alarm Maintenance Theory and Regulatory Requirements at SCQF Level 6, ensuring all System Designs can be done in-house and are prepared and vetted by a fully qualified team member.

Furthermore, our active membership in the industry standard setting Fire Industry Association substantiates our strong engagement and unwavering commitment to the latest Fire Safety Standards. This strategic partnership allows us to stay at the forefront of industry advancements in Technology and Safety Systems, ensuring that we consistently deliver the highest standards of fire safety solutions to our clients. Our Fire Safety systems technicians are enrolled as standards to the latest FAI training courses to BS5839-1 and 5839-6.

Safety is our foremost priority, and our multifaceted approach to certification, continuous learning, and industry partnerships demonstrates the trustworthiness and competence you can rely on with Polyteck.

Fire Alarm Testing: Ensuring Fire Safety Compliance with Polyteck

Fire Alarm Servicing is integral to ensuring fire safety compliance, and at Polyteck, we understand the critical role of regular fire alarm testing. Our comprehensive services include periodic testing of fire alarms to meet local regulations, including the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. We strictly adhere to industry standards such as BS 5839, which outlines guidelines for fire alarm systems.

Based on the signed contract, the frequency of testing may vary. However, at Polyteck, we always prioritise industry standards and ensure that the essential requirements are met. As a minimum, we conduct bi-annual inspections in accordance with the applicable standards. Additionally, we offer the flexibility to include weekly and quarterly inspections and testing in your contract. Our expert engineers place great importance on testing, particularly for manual call points, to ensure optimal functionality and compliance with all relevant regulations and standards. This comprehensive approach guarantees the reliability and effectiveness of your fire alarm system.

You can read more about the fire alarm testing procedure and what we advise to be done.

With Polyteck, you can trust that your fire alarm system will meet the necessary regulatory requirements and provide reliable fire safety protection. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and ensure the utmost safety of your premises.

Key Benefits of Choosing Polyteck for Fire Alarm Maintenance and Servicing

Expertise and Knowledge:

Highly skilled professionals ensure installation, maintenance, and servicing meet the highest standards, providing top-notch fire safety expertise.

Compliance and Peace of Mind:

Polyteck ensures compliance with legal obligations and regulatory standards, reducing the risk of legal consequences and offering peace of mind.

Thorough Inspection and Testing:

Expert engineers conduct regular inspections, identify faults, and prevent system failures, ensuring optimal functionality and familiarising occupants with alarm signals.

Tailored Solutions:

Polyteck provides customised fire alarm installations to fit specific needs, offering detectors, control panels, and sirens that maximise effectiveness and protection.

Fire Alarms and More Devices for Full Fire Protection of Your Property

For full fire protection in commercial and residential buildings, fire alarms can be integrated with several other devices such as:

  • Smoke detectors and heat detectors are essential devices for detecting smoke or heat and alerting occupants of a potential fire. 
  • Fire sprinkler systems are designed to suppress fires by releasing water or other extinguishing agents. Read more about our Fire Sprinkler Systems Services.
  • Emergency lighting is crucial in the event of a power outage or fire, providing illumination for safe evacuation. Polyteck offers Emergency Lighting Services and is a leading provider of fire service support in London.
  • Fire suppression systems use chemicals or gases to extinguish fires.
  • HVAC systems are that they help control indoor temperature, humidity, and air quality, which can improve comfort and health for occupants. See more for our HVAC services.
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS)  can enhance building efficiency, reduce energy costs, providing remote monitoring and control of various building systems.

By integrating fire alarms with these devices, building owners can improve fire safety measures and increase the chances of detecting and responding to a fire in a timely and effective manner. Provide complete fire protection for your premises with our Fire and Safety Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should fire alarms be tested in the UK?

Fire alarms in the UK should be regularly tested to ensure the safety of individuals. According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, premises must be equipped with appropriate fire detectors and alarms.

Weekly tests are recommended to identify significant failures in the fire alarm system. British Standard BS 5839 advises conducting weekly tests on commercial fire alarm systems to ensure compliance and functionality. During these tests, activate a manual call point to verify the alarm sound and panel signal.

Monthly tests should include checking generators and standby batteries. Record the results in a fire log book and report any faults or deficiencies to a competent person.

Failure to adequately maintain the fire alarm system can lead to legal action and potential imprisonment in serious incidents.

Who is responsible for fire alarm maintenance?

At the facility, it is critical that all inspections and testing of fire alarm systems are done by qualified personnel or external companies for maximum safety. Usually only a few limited tasks may be handled in-house.

Is weekly fire alarm testing a legal requirement UK?

Yes, all fire alarm systems in commercial premises need to be tested weekly. Fire safety is a critically important issue in any commercial environment, and weekly testing of fire alarm systems helps ensure that British Standard BS 5839 standards are met. Keeping up with these tests guarantees businesses maintain an effective level of protection against major failures and ensures functionality for maximum preparedness.

Do fire alarms really expire?

An essential step to ensuring safety in your facility is regular smoke alarm maintenance: replace them no less than every 10 years, and test monthly by pressing the button. In addition, if an alarm isn’t yet due for replacement, consider positioning it near a closed door – this can impede spreading flames and toxic fumes throughout your house.

Is it illegal to not have a fire alarm in your house UK?

Yes, every level of a dwelling that includes living accommodation must be equipped with one. Taking the necessary steps ahead of time can ensure safety and peace-of-mind for everyone at home.

Are there any legal requirements for installing fire alarms in a building?

The primary legislation governing fire safety in non-domestic premises in England is the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.  As a general rule, Category L (M) fire alarm systems, which include smoke detectors and manual call points, are mandatory for most buildings in the UK.

How do I know if my fire alarm system is working correctly?

A fire alarm system needs regular testing and maintenance to ensure it is working properly

What should I do if my fire alarm goes off and there is no fire?

Determine what triggered the fire alarm and silence it. Then notify the alarm company. Regular testing and maintenance of the fire alarm system can help prevent false alarms and ensure that it is functioning correctly.

At Polyteck, we understand how vital it is to stay compliant with fire safety regulations. Our BAFE & Kitemark certified professionals are here to guide you every step of the way. Our comprehensive suite of fire and safety services can ensure your fire alarm system meets all necessary parameters while providing full protection for your premises – contact us to start safeguarding today!