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Polyteck stands out as an experienced specialist in fulfilling diverse fire protection requirements for buildings. Our approach is all-encompassing, spanning a spectrum of vital fire protection elements to ensure a thorough solution. We take charge of fire alarm installation, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, AOV/smoke ventilation, fire doors, fire dampers, and fire extinguishers, employing a proactive strategy to mitigate risks. Our long-standing commitment is demonstrated by our BAFE Fire Safety Approval and Kitemark License for Fire Safety since 2011, showcasing our dedication to reliable protection.

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The realm of fire protection systems encompasses three core categories: active, passive, and fire suppression. At Polyteck, we specialize in both active and passive fire protection services. Our focus on passive fire protection involves employing strategies to contain or slow down fire propagation, such as using fire-resistant materials, doors, and walls. With a finger on the pulse of the latest industry norms, including British standards for fire protection, our adept engineers guarantee your compliance with fire safety regulations. With a repertoire of skills, comprehensive service offerings, and unwavering safety dedication, Polyteck stands ready to address your fire protection needs, ensuring your premises’ security and peace of mind.

Fire Protection Services by Polyteck

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Why Choose Polyteck for Your Fire and Safety Protection?

Polyteck provides fire protection services that prioritise safety and dependability. For over 17 years, we continuously provide regular and planned preventative maintenance, fire and safety equipment installation, and trained engineers for businesses in the private and public sectors. Polyteck understands the importance of fire prevention measures, keeps its employees well-trained, and familiarises them with the latest fire and safety regulations.

Proven Expertise

With over 17 years of experience safeguarding commercial and high-end residential properties, Polyteck is your trusted partner for fire protection. Our BAFE Fire Safety Approval since 2011 and Kitemark License attest to our dedication to safety and reliability.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our 24/7 services cover everything from supply and installation to servicing and maintenance of various fire safety equipment. We offer fire alarms, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, AOV/smoke ventilation, fire doors, and more, ensuring all aspects of protection are addressed.

Proactive Safety

Rely on our experts for regular inspections and maintenance that guarantee fire protection assurance. We prioritize fire prevention, keeping your building compliant with the latest regulations. Our skilled engineers and partnership with leading manufacturers assure top-quality services.

Industry Recognition

Certified by BAFE and Kitemark, we adhere to the highest standards in fire and safety protection. Our accreditation, membership in FIA, and commitment to open protocol systems showcase our dedication to ensuring lives and properties are safeguarded effectively.
Fully Accredited in Fire Safety: Expertise You Can Trust

Polyteck’s is BAFE SP203 Accredited for Fire Alarm Design, Installation and Maintenance for over 10 years. We are member of FIA (Fire Industry Association) and our Fire Alarm Engineers regularly undertake training to the latest BS5839 standards. We know that fire safety regulations are essential for the safeguarding of people’s lives as well as their property and so we guarantee a swift and thorough fire protection equipment installation for all types of premises. With us watching over your fire safety needs, you can be certain that your building will remain compliant with fire safety legislation at all times

Polyteck's BAFE certification
Polyteck's Kitemark Licence

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