Commercial Property Maintenance by Polyteck

Commercial property maintenance by Polyteck lies in understanding the importance of facility preservation and property servicing. Our focus on M&E services and considerable experience ensures the best care of your valuable assets is delivered at all times. Since 2005, we have had a strong track record managing buildings throughout Greater London and Home Counties. With a team of qualified and highly experienced staff of accredited professionals, we ensure optimal facility upkeep for your MEP and Safety Systems assets, transforming building maintenance beyond a necessary task. Our tailored commercial solutions cater to the distinct needs of various industries, including office premises, retail, hotels and hospitality establishments, industrial spaces, museums, and land development. Our company’s core values are Efficiency, Safety and outstanding Customer service. Our culture  of a close partnership is ensuring compliance, longevity and resilience of commercial facilities at all times.

Commercial Maintenance Services for Empowering Your Property’s Potential

Our Commercial Property Maintenance Service at Polyteck is tailored to match the demands of our clients and is based on careful planning and flexible implementation. We use consistent communication to build an appropriate work schedule, to work around the premises requirements, even after hours or weekends. As a leading Facilities Management provider, Polyteck encompasses every facet of building upkeep, office upgrades, retail fit-outs, reception area upkeep, and more. Our building prowess guarantees superior Cat Fit A and Cat Fit B standards. Our proactive view ensures uninterrupted functionality and no downtime for existing office work schedules. Innovations, such as our IoT controls and monitoring technology, optimise efficiency through smart condition-based maintenance, maximising every resource.

To make our services indispensable, we commissioned the development of Management software that meets all of the industry specific requirements, facilitating both our clients’ and our work processes. Each of our clients gains access to their properties and can observe the maintenance process in real-time, review the planned maintenance schedule, and have complete clarity and transparency of service delivery at any time. We focused on an user-friendly interface and simple navigation to make Client’s experience smooth and straightforward. Committed to sustainability, the system is entirely digital, aiming to minimise reliance on paper as much as possible. Our system is a continuous work in progress and we constantly implement improvement feedback and clients are encouraged to participate in developments.

Benefits of Our Maintenance Software: Simplifying Client Interactions

Devoted to providing a seamless experience and comprehensive services to our clients, based on our know-how, we aim to make your experience as simple as possible. Working closely with developers, we continuously improve the interface based on your feedback and the rapid changes in the FM business. The benefits we are achieving include:


  • Stay Connected in Real Time: Our system seamlessly delivers live updates on Call out and Projects  progress, event adjustments, and successful completions, ensuring you stay in the loop at every juncture.
  • Efficiency on the Move: Our adept professionals effortlessly update job particulars on the go, directly from their mobile devices, guaranteeing accuracy and up-to-the-minute precision.
  • Accountability & Minimised Disruptions: Through the application of automated KPI reports and validations, accountability is magnified for all stakeholders, safeguarding operational flow and minimising any potential disruptions.
  • Comprehensive Records:  Unlock streamlined access to your appointment records, communication archives, and real-time notifications, all seamlessly consolidated in a single location, thereby enhancing your interaction with our comprehensive services.
  • Clear communication: Our platform is a conduit for clear and uninterrupted communication, enabling you to precisely request instructions, report deviations, and seamlessly receive updates. Our reports incorporate Before and After Pictures, Videos and / or Relevant documentation /Drawings / Data sheets where applicable.
  • Web Access: Our user-friendly virtual gateway ensures convenient access to property documents, empowering you with a trove of information for insightful decision-making.
  • Simplified Invoicing: Enjoy the simplicity of electronic invoicing, an innovation that optimises billing and ensures complete financial transparency.

Polyteck’s maintenance software transcends being a mere tool; it serves as  a gateway, documentation server  and knowledge base for each of your potential Properties and/or Portfolios.

What Types of Services Are Included in Commercial Property Maintenance?

Commercial property maintenance encompasses a vast array of services customised for the building’s functionality and occupants’ convenience. From changing a sink tap to conducting CCTV drainage surveys, from repairing parking barriers to designing and installing access control systems for each door and elevator, from repainting reception areas to refurbishing and restructuring entire floors, from servicing fire extinguishers to designing and installing AOV systems on every floor and the rooftop, from replacing AC filters to installing ventilation systems atop 200-foot building rooftops. We can provide numerous examples from our experience that make the impossible possible. As a proven FM contractor, we offer solutions for all of your building’s needs. Specify your need, and we will provide a solution. Explore our services or contact us to obtain the answer.

Sustainability is Our Priority: Property Services Transformed into Sustainable Solutions

At Polyteck, we strive to provide superior commercial property maintenance based on building enhancement and sustainability. We are committed to providing solutions that benefit both your business and its environmental impact, in accordance with net-zero target requirements and a comprehension of the advantages and necessity of green technology. Our services include the design and installation of energy-efficient LED lighting, which minimises energy consumption and environmental impact, as well as the installation and maintenance of solar panels to promote site generation and renewable energy sources, among others.

As technology advances, so do our methods. The incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices demonstrates our dedication to innovation. By facilitating real-time monitoring and optimization of equipment, our adept utilisation of IoT technology enables us to go beyond conventional maintenance. Every component, from irrigation systems to HVAC units, is intricately interconnected to ensure optimal functionality, energy efficiency, and conservation of resources. This synergy between cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices is the foundation of our commercial property maintenance services, enhancing the performance of your building, reducing operational costs, and leaving a positive ecological legacy.

As part of our standard Mobilisation Process, we inspect, analyse and review each operating system individually, collate the information, review the interconnections and provide a final Holistic Report on Energy performance per building along with recommendations for improvements and alterations.

Count on Us When You Need Us

You can count on us to be there when dependability is critical. Our rapid-response call-out services are meticulously tailored for your peace of mind, ready to leap into action 24/7 for those crucial moments. Our promise is simple: when challenges arise for facility upkeep, we stand ready to swiftly deliver solutions, reaffirming our role as your unwavering ally in reliability and support.

Trusted Expertise in Action: Explore Our Commercial Portfolio
Frequently Asked Questions

What is commercial building maintenance?

Commercial building maintenance is the routine management and repair of non-residential facilities such as offices, retail spaces and industrial structures. Maintenance, cleaning, landscaping and ensuring the proper operation of vital systems such as HVAC, plumbing, and electrical are all included.

Which locations do you serve?

We are happy to provide commercial property management services throughout Greater London and all Home Counties.

Do you have tailored maintenance plans?

We take pride in providing personalized maintenance programs that are meticulously crafted to align with the unique needs of every commercial property we serve. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we emphasize flexibility, ensuring that our maintenance plans are not only based on the distinct requirements and challenges of each project but also tailored to the preferences and priorities of our clients. This approach allows us to deliver solutions that not only meet industry standards but also exceed the expectations of our valued clients.

Do you maintain residential properties as well?

Yes, we have a distinct portfolio that includes high-end residential building maintenance. We approach residential homes with the same devotion and professionalism that we do business ventures

Why are you better than your competitors?

Our substantial industry expertise, commitment to sustainable goals, and solid construction background set us apart from our competition. In addition to providing short-term property maintenance solutions, our experienced staff also provides long-term solutions.

What makes property maintenance important?

Property care is essential for protecting the value and aesthetics of a commercial property. Regular maintenance prevents significant problems, reduces the likelihood of costly repairs, improves occupant safety, and creates a favourable impression for clients and tenants.

Can you manage commercial property repairs and maintenance?

We are experts in commercial property repairs and maintenance. In addition to simple repairs, our team is well-equipped to handle planned preventive maintenance tasks. Our goal is to keep your property performing at its best.

Elevate your property management experience with Polyteck’s exceptional Commercial Property Maintenance service. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond mere upkeep. We preserve value, enhance aesthetics, and embrace sustainability. From innovative HVAC system management to transformative energy-saving solutions, our expert team ensures your property operates at peak efficiency. With a fusion of IoT technology and Building Management Systems, we provide unparalleled insights into energy usage and intelligent decision-making. Discover the power of innovation, reliability, and environmental stewardship with Polyteck’s Commercial Property Maintenance. Contact us today!