Polyteck’s expert HVAC technicians provide air conditioning services. Operating in London since 2005 and F-Gas and GasSafe certified, we have become a trusted contractor. We understand how to maintain a productive and comfortable environment and the potential negative impact poorly functioning systems can have on occupants. As a property owner or building manager, ensuring the upkeep of the air conditioning system on your premises can be easily achieved by having a reputable contractor by your side. Our technicians can assist with installation, reinstallation, replacement, maintenance, and repairs.

From Design and Installation to Aftercare and AC Maintenance

As a go-to provider, we can take care of each aspect of your air conditioning system. From design and installation to integration with building management systems. Our HVAC technical team can provide energy-saving solutions and advise you on improving your existing system. We offer call-outs and planned maintenance services, ensuring you have assistance whenever needed. In our plans, we include condition-based maintenance through IoT device integration. With headquarters located in London, E1, we can respond in less than two hours in central London. As each client has individual needs, we are adaptable in tailoring plans to specific building requirements.

Unlock Peace of Mind & Savings: 7 Reasons to Invest in AC Maintenance
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Cost Savings
  • Extended System Lifespan
  • Reduced Risk of Breakdowns
  • Improved Comfort
  • Enhanced Indoor Air Quality
  • Maintains System Warranty
Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my air conditioning system serviced?

To ensure optimal performance and efficiency, it is recommended to schedule a professional air conditioning service at least once a year. Polyteck is here to deliver a reliable service plan, keeping your system running smoothly and efficiently

What are the signs that my air conditioning system needs repair?

Keep an eye out for common indicators such as inadequate cooling, strange noises, unpleasant odours, frequent cycling, and a spike in energy usage. If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to Polyteck.

Can I install an air conditioning system in my existing property?

In addition to installing air conditioning systems in new developments, Polyteck also instals systems in existing properties. Our team of experienced installers will carry out a free feasibility survey and recommend the most suitable method for air conditioning installation.

Are your technicians certified and licensed?

Our technicians are highly trained, certified, and licensed professionals. Their expertise and knowledge are evident in every project they undertake. With a commitment to top-quality workmanship and strict adherence to safety standards, you can trust our team for exceptional service and complete peace of mind. We hold certificates for Gas Safe Register, ISO 9001, CHAS, Constructionline, and BESA Membership.

How can I improve the energy efficiency of my air conditioning system?

Simple steps like regular maintenance, cleaning or replacing air filters, checking and sealing ductwork, and optimising thermostat settings can make a significant difference. For even greater efficiency, consider upgrading to newer, energy-efficient AC models or utilising the power of our smart control systems.

Do you offer emergency air conditioning services?

We understand that air conditioning problems can occur unexpectedly, especially during hot weather. To ensure your comfort and satisfaction, Polyteck provides emergency air conditioning services.

Where does Polyteck provide air conditioning servicing?

Polyteck offers air conditioning services in Greater London and the Home Counties. Our certified expert HVAC specialists provide AC services throughout the region, ensuring prompt solutions for all your needs. With our headquarters located in London, E1, we can respond within two hours in central London.

We Have a Vast Commercial & Residential HVAC Portfolio
AC Filters Before CleaningAC Filters After Cleaning

Don’t Let Dirty Filters Lead to Expensive Repairs.

Maintenance of HVAC equipment and avoiding expensive air conditioning repair services require routine maintenance. Polyteck engineers will bring their experience and knowledge to maintain your equipment and leave your property clean and in order. Get professional guidance, routine maintenance, or emergency repairs for your HVAC system. Don’t wait until filthy filters cause problems with your equipment and air quality—ensure you take action on time.

Maintaining your HVAC system regularly is essential for keeping it operating efficiently and avoiding expensive problems. But it’s vital to recognize that no system is completely impervious to sporadic errors or failures. Contact our professionals to avoid small troubles leading to a dysfunctional system