Lighting Installation and Servicing in London

Lighting installation creates the ideal atmosphere for working or living. Making a lasting ambience starts at installation, but ongoing maintenance and attentive aftercare are key. With an experience of over 18 years in the industry, Polyteck prides itself on delivering lighting solutions and maintenance services that span various sectors. We offer lighting installation in commercial, industrial, residential, and hospitality buildings in London and its Home Counties.

As a leading facilities management company, our commitment includes emergency lighting services. From the moment your lighting system is installed to its long-term maintenance, our electrical services guarantee dependable and sustainable lighting solutions. Moreover, we offer interior and decorative lighting solutions tailored to your modern office, historical architectural gem, or cherished home. Polyteck can turn the spaces into compelling surroundings, whether it’s installing interior lighting that provides the right atmosphere for your business or highlighting the distinctive elements of a historical property with decorative lighting.

Expert Lighting Electricians for Residential & Commercial Projects

Polyteck has a team of skilled lighting electricians available for residential and commercial light servicing. Our services include lighting system design, installation, maintenance, repairs, and renewal. Polyteck is a CHAS and NICEIC-certified company with extensive expertise in interior lighting, residence lighting installation, ceiling fittings, office ceiling light fitting, and commercial light installation. 

We take pleasure in providing a wide variety of light repairs that light up and enhance both residential and commercial areas with light fixture installation experts. Our knowledge goes well beyond simply providing light; we shape surroundings, impact  atmospheres, and improve functioning thanks to our expert light installation technicians. We recognize the importance of lighting in your house. Our light residential services range from stylish light installations to energy-saving lighting, ensuring that your living spaces are both comfortable and efficient. Lighting solutions for commercial buildings must be durable and dependable. Our business lighting services are designed to resist extreme circumstances while still providing adequate illumination, assuring safety and productivity.

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Water feature light repairs for a fountain

The first impression you make is on the outside of your property. Our outdoor and landscape lighting services emphasise the beauty of your property while also assuring safety and security. The interior lighting design services provided by Polyteck combine beauty and practicality, transforming your interiors into visually and functionally effective areas. Modern lighting is more than simply the fixtures. We provide complete lighting control services that enable you to adjust your lighting to your unique needs and tastes, increasing convenience and energy efficiency. 

It is vital to highlight that LED is the future, and we are paving the path. We provide cutting-edge LED lighting systems with greater performance and significant energy savings. Through retrofitting, lighting installation can turn your existing lights into cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions, increasing the life of your fixtures and lowering your energy use. During power outages or crises,  light electricians assure the safety of inhabitants, so you can obtain light when you need it. Custom security lighting solutions that prevent attacks and secure your property are what we specialise in.

We Provide Lighting Services on Nearly Every Street in Central London

Reliable Electrical Contractors You Can Depend On

Technology Integration

As your go-to contractor, we can integrate your current or new system with the BMS, and we can offer CBM

Sustainable Practices

Aiming to reach carbon-neutral targets, we are committed to providing solutions for every aspect of the building.

Emergency Services

Buildings have no specific timing for when problems may arise. As the 'doctor' for your premises, we offer 24/7 call-out services.

Licensing and Insurance

We are an NICEIC approved contractor, and all of our engineers undergo regular training.

Professional Lighting Relamping Services for Sustainable Maintenance

When it comes to professional lighting installation services, we grasp the vital importance of peak performance. At Polyteck, we don’t just react to issues – we proactively manage maintenance. Our approach, built on innovation, ensures that lighting systems operate seamlessly, significantly reducing the likelihood of unexpected disruptions or drops in efficiency. As part of our dedication to sustainability, we offer energy-efficient solutions that not only cut down on consumption but also slash costs. By choosing Polyteck, facility managers invest in a more sustainable and economically effective future.

Consistency is the hallmark of quality lighting. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a planned maintenance strategy that guarantees your lighting consistently delivers the light you demand. With Polyteck’s expert relamping service, troubles fade into the background. We enhance the lifespan of your lighting installation by significantly reducing the need for constant repairs, leading to substantial long-term cost savings.

led light external installation in hazlewood property in london

What are the benefits of sustainable lighting?

The re-lamping service provided by Polyteck is an example of efficiency. As a result of our methodology, we can deliver a plethora of benefits in addition to enhanced illumination.  Obtain control over maintenance schedules and costs by exchanging lights in coordinated groups at predetermined intervals. The result is not just brighter and more constant lighting across your facility, but also a workforce that thrives with better illumination, leading to enhanced productivity. This implies that the replacement timetable will remain consistent with our group’s re-lamping method, decreasing the requirement for electrical repairs and lowering maintenance expenses. 

Polyteck’s strategy for re-lamping is highly effective and provides various advantages in addition to increased illumination. We regulate maintenance schedules and costs by coordinating the replacement of bulbs in groups at predetermined intervals. A more uniform and bright lighting environment not only results in a more productive workforce but also enhances employee health and wellness. Our group re-lamping method guarantees that your replacement schedule is always constant, decreasing the need for electrical repairs and lowering maintenance expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Sets You Apart from Other Contractors?

We distinguish ourselves from our competition via our commitment to precision, flexibility, dependability, and capacity to handle any facet of your commercial building. Polyteck is an FM contractor, therefore in addition to our electrical services, we can provide solutions for any area of your building.

How Do You Ensure Safety and Compliance?

We stay updated on the newest legislation and safety regulations, guaranteeing that your electrical system is complying with them. We are ISO certified for environmental and quality management systems, and we have a dedicated Health and Safety (H&S) responsibility on board. Polyteck also work with an outside consultancy advisor, who provides HS trainings to our team. Our on-site engineers and subcontractors are all highly trained specialists who deliver expert electrical services.

Do You Provide Custom Solutions?

Yes, we tailor our services to meet your building’s specific needs, offering customized solutions for unique challenges. As an M&E contractor, we cover all aspects of your building with a wide range of services.

How often should lighting systems be inspected for maintenance in London?

Lighting systems require regular maintenance checks to maintain appropriate and safe operation. The frequency of these assessments is determined by a variety of factors. In most cases, inspections are performed every six months or annually. If your company has a complicated lighting system, you may schedule more frequent inspections, such as quarterly. If you have any questions, please contact a competent light repair service.

What are the benefits of LED lighting installation for residential and commercial spaces in London?

LED lighting saves energy, lasts longer, and generates less heat. They use up to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, last up to 40 times as long, and provide high-quality light. LED lights are also adaptable and appropriate for any location, making them an excellent choice for everyone trying to save energy while improving lighting quality.

Can your lighting experts provide customised design solutions for both modern and historical buildings in London?

Yes, Polyteck offers customised design solutions for both modern and historical buildings. 

Do you offer emergency lighting services in London, and what is the response time for such services?

Of course, Polyteck offers emergency services in London. Depending on the situation’s urgency, we can arrive within two hours.

How can lighting retrofit services help in reducing energy consumption and costs for businesses in London?

Businesses in London may save up to 50% on energy costs by switching to more energy-efficient lighting systems. Organisations may increase light quality in their facilities while lowering maintenance costs by updating lighting systems.

Do you need a Lighting Electrician?

Polyteck acknowledges the crucial role of lighting in residential and workplace settings. Our knowledgeable light installers, experienced in all facets of lighting, offer services ranging from planning and installation to maintenance, repairs, and rejuvenation. Recognising the potential for electrical and lighting issues in our ever-changing technological landscape, we provide 24/7 emergency services. Whether it’s electrical installation, wiring, or rewiring, our priority is ensuring peace of mind. As a sustainability-focused facility management provider, we offer environmentally conscious lighting solutions that illuminate spaces while minimizing carbon impact. Contact us for expert quotation and solution.

LED lamps and replace all the existing old various lamps throughout the property Ironmongers hall