Polyteck specialises in comprehensive energy-saving services for UK businesses, offering on-site consultancy, strategic energy expenditure reduction, and implementation of cost-saving measures, including renewable energy sources. If you’re seeking to cut energy costs and improve efficiency, we have a tailored solution. As a proactive FM partner, we’ve launched a full-service energy line after identifying optimization opportunities in buildings managed by our clients. Our recent success at Artillery House in London highlights substantial energy-cost savings through our customised LED lighting solutions, showcasing our commitment to sustainability.

Our Energy Saving Solution

Polyteck leverages the IoT remote monitoring for streamlined management of building systems, including HVAC and lighting, across commercial and residential properties. Our IoT solutions collect, analyse, and control real-time data, ensuring optimal energy utilisation. Core to our energy-saving strategies is the reliance on Building Management Systems (BMS), centralising HVAC, lighting, and security to simplify operations. Recognizing the importance of well-insulated buildings, we initiate retrofitting projects to enhance insulation, limiting heat loss, and reducing energy demand.

  • Energy Audits
  • Renewable Energy Integration
  • LED Lighting Solutions
  • HVAC System Optimization
  • Energy-Efficient Equipment
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Retrofitting 
  • Solar Energy and Photovoltaic

Committed to energy-saving solutions, we offer solar panel services, utilising clean solar electricity to decrease reliance on traditional power systems. Additionally, we oversee the installation of energy-efficient LED lighting systems in commercial and residential spaces, significantly reducing electricity consumption. Polyteck’s approach reflects dedication to financial savings and environmental sustainability, combining advanced technology and sustainable practices for a greener, more energy-efficient future.

Energy Savings Strategies Across London Sites

Unleashing Success Through Energy Savings

Energy is vital for businesses, powering operations like machinery, lighting, and climate control. Business energy savings offer a competitive edge and flexibility for sustained success, translating to higher profits for research, employee incentives, and expansion.

In today’s eco-conscious landscape, environmental sustainability enhances corporate image, appealing to energy-conscious consumers. Compliance with the UK’s stringent energy efficiency standards is essential for legal adherence and resilience against disruptions.

An energy-efficient workplace benefits the environment and improves employee well-being, productivity, and satisfaction. Commitment to energy savings differentiates businesses, attracting like-minded partners and customers. In the evolving global energy landscape, business energy savings are crucial for long-term viability and adaptability.


Reliable Electrical Contractors You Can Depend On

Technology Integration

As your go-to contractor, we can integrate your current or new system with the BMS, and we can offer CBM

Sustainable Practices

Aiming to reach carbon-neutral targets, we are committed to providing solutions for every aspect of the building.

Emergency Services

Buildings have no specific timing for when problems may arise. As the 'doctor' for your premises, we offer 24/7 call-out services.

Licensing and Insurance

We are an NICEIC approved contractor, and all of our engineers undergo regular training.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is business energy saving important?

Conserving energy is a vital step toward environmental responsibility and regulatory compliance. Beyond financial advantages, energy conservation enhances staff trust, supports a company’s standing, provides a competitive edge, safeguards valuable resources and nurtures long-term sustainability. 

How can my business start saving on energy costs?

Making your workplace energy efficient involves several practical steps. Start by switching to LED lighting, investing in energy-efficient devices, and enhancing HVAC systems. Consider integrating smart technology and tapping into renewable sources like solar panels to trim expenses. Engage employees in energy-saving initiatives, fostering awareness and participation. Regularly assess and adjust your energy-saving strategies to align with evolving technological advancements.

How can IoT and BMS systems benefit business energy saving?

Enhancing your company’s energy savings is achievable through the effective use of IoT (Internet of Things) and BMS (Building Management Systems). These technologies elevate energy efficiency by refining the management, monitoring and optimization of diverse building systems. 

What is the role of government regulations in business energy saving?

Government regulations play an essential role in motivating businesses to embrace energy-saving practices. These laws set efficiency standards, offer incentives and establish objectives for reducing emissions. By enforcing construction regulations, compliance requirements, and educational initiatives, governments promote an energy-efficient approach that benefits both companies and the environment.

What are the financial benefits of business energy saving?

Business energy savings may provide significant financial benefits to any business. Lowering energy use results in more reasonable utility bills, which has an immediate impact on operating expenses and increases overall profitability. Furthermore, implementing sustainable energy solutions can help businesses get government incentives, tax credits, and other benefits.

How can I optimise energy efficiency in my business?

Start by swapping out incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving LED lighting and deploy smart power strips to curb standby power consumption. The installation of a programmable or smart thermostat not only allows precise control over heating and cooling but also optimises energy utilisation. Explore the possibility of transitioning to energy-efficient appliances to reduce operational costs and contemplate the installation of well-insulated windows for improved thermal control.  Upgrading your HVAC system for increased efficiency is a must, and weatherizing your business’s premises may help avoid energy loss even more.

What qualifies as energy conservation in a business context?

Energy conservation in business refers to the use of strategies and technology aimed at lowering energy usage and improving overall efficiency. This entails putting in place ways to reduce waste and optimise energy consumption, which contributes to both economic savings and environmental sustainability.

Polyteck is more than a service provider; we are a valued partner in helping businesses achieve their energy efficiency and sustainability goals. Our strategy begins with assessing the properties, then adjusting methods to specific needs and providing professional guidance. We use recognized techniques, not just as a provider of energy-saving services, but also as advisers on this road toward a greener future. We’ve effectively executed these methods across numerous commercial and high-end residential buildings in Central London, thanks to our breadth of knowledge, vast portfolio, and established track record. Our loyalty to your pleasure does not end there. We provide reactive maintenance around the clock to ensure systems run smoothly, as well as planned maintenance to keep energy efficiency programs on track. At Polyteck, your energy-saving goals are our mission, and we’re here to make them a reality. Contact us today.