Emergency Electrical Services in London

Emergency electrical services are key for preserving the integrity of your building, ensuring tenant safety and safeguarding your workforce. Having a reliable and trustworthy contractor is vital in this regard. At Polyteck we follow the principle that the competence and professionalism of our team are the base of our success. That’s why we invest in nurturing our electricians to meet the ever-evolving demands of emergency electrical services. Our first focus is safety, and we never compromise on it. We are a NICEIC-approved contractor and have provided expert emergency electrical service since 2005.  Are you concerned that an electrical accident could occur at any time? We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and respond immediately. As one of the leading emergency electrical service providers in London and the Home Counties, Polyteck stands out for its reliability and security.

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24/7 Emergency Electrician You Can Trust

Because electrical failures can occur at any time of day or night, we provide 24-hour call-out services to ensure that you receive the necessary assistance. An emergency electrician will be sent to your location. No matter where it is in London in response to your signal or the system signal. Our electricians follow Standard BS 7671, and as a NICEIC Approved contractor, we follow all essential safety standards. Our electricians are highly skilled and qualified, and they always stay up to date on industry requirements. With our swift response and effective service, your emergency will be managed quickly and safely.

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Our Emergency Electrical Services

At Polyteck, we are always prepared. We have several emergency teams ready to act, no matter what time of the day it is or in which area of London you are located. We are dedicated to providing the best services for our clients, and the extensive experience we have helps us to be better than yesterday.

  • 24/7 Emergency Electrical Repairs
  • Emergency Generator Repair
  • Emergency Lighting Repairs
  • Emergency Electrical Fault Detection
  • Emergency Circuit Tripping Resolution
  • Emergency Fire Alarm Repairs
  • Emergency Security System Repairs
  • Emergency Electrical Panel Repairs
  • Emergency Electrical Rewiring
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  • Emergency Electric Heating Repairs
  • Emergency Electrical Outlet Repairs
  • Emergency Surge Protection Services
  • Emergency Electrical Appliance Repairs
  • Emergency UPS Repairs
  • Emergency Electrical Hazard Mitigation
  • Emergency Power Distribution System Repairs
  • Emergency Electrical System Inspections
  • Emergency High Voltage System Repairs

Residential and Commercial Electrical Emergency

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Polyteck provides facility management services for high-end residential properties and well-known commercial buildings in London. Since 2005 the company has been dealing with electrical emergencies. Polyteck’s goal is to minimise disruption by responding quickly and efficiently to issues. Our technicians handle residential electrical emergencies such as power outages, circuit failures, electrical fires and faulty outlets. They can also handle commercial electrical emergencies such as tripped circuits, lighting issues, or data centre power outages.  In addition to our electrical services, our facility management solutions encompass fire protection, HVAC services and property maintenance. We hold a variety of certifications as evidence of our dedication to quality.  including Safe Contractor, BAFE, Gas Safe, F-Gas, qua and env BSI. Providing safe and secure environments for both residential and commercial clients is our priority.

Why to Choose Us for Your Electrical Emergency?

Technology Integration

As your go-to contractor, we can integrate your current or new system with the BMS, and we can offer CBM

Sustainable Practices

Aiming to reach carbon-neutral targets, we are committed to providing solutions for every aspect of the building.

Emergency Services

Buildings have no specific timing for when problems may arise. As the 'doctor' for your premises, we offer 24/7 call-out services.

Licensing and Insurance

We are an NICEIC approved contractor, and all of our engineers undergo regular training.
Frequently Asked Questions

When should you call an emergency electrician?

Get in touch with a local emergency electrician if you notice signs such as a weird burning smell, strange buzzing or humming from your breaker box, circuit breaker that just won’t stop tripping, lights that won’t stop flickering or someone suffering an electrical shock.

Which areas are covered by Polyteck's electricians?

Our services cover Greater London and the Home Counties. Our goal is to provide high quality and prompt services to all of our clients.

What to do during an electrical emergency?

It is critical to prioritise safety above everything else during an electrical emergency. Touching someone who’s suffered an electric shock can transfer the shock to you, since the body conducts electricity. Concentrate on distancing the victim from the electrical source and, if possible, safely turning off the power. Call emergency services at the same time to secure skilled medical treatment. If you are capable, check the fuse board/ dashboard and ensure the switch off the main fuse.

What is an electrical emergency?

An electrical emergency is a situation in which electrical failures affect people, property or both. Power outages, electrical fires, circuit failures and electrical shocks are the most typical sorts of emergencies.

Do you Need an Emergency Electrician? 

Whether you are seeking facility management services from a single contractor or a combination of contractors, Polyteck can meet your needs. We excel in electrical services, fire protection, and property maintenance, always prioritising safety. Our company is an NICEIC-approved contractor with a team of professional and emergency electricians available 24/7. We are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable service while upholding the highest standards of emergency electrical service. Request a quote to experience firsthand that our commitment extends beyond words.