Rewiring with Polyteck’s Specialised Electrical Services. 

Rewiring services are essential to the proper installation or upgrade of an electrical system. For more than 18 years, Polyteck has provided wiring and rewiring services to clients in London and the Home Counties. Our electricians are highly trained, fully qualified, and strictly adhere to the latest wiring regulations (Amendment 3 of the 17th Edition BS 7671). We’re proud to be recognised as an NICEIC Approved Contractor, which reflects our expertise and commitment to quality. Beyond just electrical work, we’re a full-fledged facility management company, offering tailored solutions to address various facility needs. In addition to our wiring services, we seamlessly integrate our expertise into property redecoration, refurbishment, and other essential facility management tasks. Count on us for punctuality, problem-solving skills, and a professional yet friendly approach to meeting your electrical requirements.

Our Wiring and Rewiring Service includes:

Polyteck delivers quality, safety, and seamless electrical wiring and rewiring services. We begin by collaborating closely with facilities managers to outline project scopes, budgets, timelines, and safety measures. From start to finish, your project is in expert hands with our team of highly trained and certified electricians. Throughout the project, we conduct regular audits and equipment checks to ensure the safety of our workers and occupants.

Furthermore, we understand the importance of scheduling flexibility. Working during off-peak hours or weekends minimises disruption to your business operations. Ensure you are well informed about the financial aspects of the project with our transparent budget estimates. Communication is key to the project’s success, and we keep you and your tenants informed about project timelines, potential disruptions, and safety precautions. Electrical wiring and rewiring solutions from Polyteck are efficient, safe, and quality-oriented.

  • House Rewiring
  • Interior and Exterior Rewiring
  • Lighting Circuit Rewiring
  • Single Circuit Rewiring
  • Network Rewiring
  • Fuse Box Rewiring
  • Commercial Building Rewiring
  • Office Space and Retail Store Rewiring
  • Healthcare Facility Rewiring
  • School and Educational Institution Rewiring

When should you consider rewiring your property?


There are various situations in which your facility may require rewiring. Numerous older properties in the UK have not undergone any electrical work for 25 years or more. This is frequently due to the hassle of rewiring, which causes homeowners to postpone it until the house is sold. If you observe specific signs, such as an old fuse box instead of a contemporary consumer unit, strange noises or frequent power outages, plug sockets linked to skirting boards and more, you should consider rewiring. If you are acquiring a house where rewiring is advised, this information should be included in your building survey. Rewiring should be a priority in such circumstances as it poses potential hazards such as the risk of fire or electrocution. Another case is  If you’re already planning renovations, now is the time for electrical system upgrades. Our specialists will work with you to effortlessly integrate these changes into your home’s restoration plan.

Before proceeding with any rewiring project, our qualified electricians will conduct a thorough property evaluation. We know that not every problem necessitates a complete rewiring. There have been cases where a single burned fuse caused a power outage, and electrical testing saves homeowners from unnecessary rewiring. We believe in being exact and cost-effective in making electrical safety inspections. It is essential to ensure the safety and operation of your electrical system since this directly affects the safety of your building and its residents. 

Safety is Always Top Priority

At Polyteck, we prioritise your safety above all else. We are proud to hold a vast list of accreditations and certifications, showcasing our commitment to ensuring the safety of you and your assets. As a NICEIC-accredited contractor, we guarantee exceptional quality, reliability, and professionalism at every step of our work. Our complete range of electrical services, including emergency repairs, is tailored to meet your specific requirements.

Electrical testing and inspection must be conducted regularly. It is not solely about enhancing efficiency; it is primarily about ensuring your safety. Ensuring that a property’s wiring is up-to-date and compliant is crucial for safeguarding its inhabitants and minimising potential fire hazards. Our team of experienced electricians is dedicated to identifying and resolving issues such as faulty wiring, frayed cables, or outdated components. We go above and beyond to prevent electrical hazards and potential disruptions.

Think in Advance

In today’s fast-changing technological world, incorporating smart building technologies into rewiring projects is critical. Polyteck not only increases the value of your property but also keeps you ahead of the competition in the ever-changing digital world. The Internet of Things (IoT) has offered a new era of connection. IoT devices, ranging from smart thermostats to security systems, are transforming the way you interact with your properties. We future-proof your home by preparing for IoT integration during rewiring, making it flexible to modern technologies.

Energy management software is growing more advanced. They let us track and optimise energy use, lowering expenses and reducing footprint. Polyteck not only maintains your property up to date by considering these tools throughout rewiring, but it also contributes to a more sustainable and cost-efficient future. Without a doubt, integrating new technology may be difficult, especially when it comes to assuring compatibility with old systems. That is why having the appropriate professionals on your side is critical. Polyteck’s team is well-versed in the complexities of technology integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is electrical rewiring?

An electrical rewiring includes replacing all of the existing wiring, sockets, switches, and other electrical components with new ones. During a rewiring, electricians remove any damaged or unsafe wires and replace them with new ones. Switches and plugs have also been updated to meet safety requirements.

When does a building need to be rewired?

A building’s electrical system should get a refresh roughly every 25 years, or when it becomes obsolete, ineffective, or dangerous. If you’re living in an old building and you start seeing lights flickering, fuses blowing or old-school outlets and switches, it’s a clear sign – it’s time to get rewiring. The owner must inspect a building every 10 years, while landlords should inspect a rental property every five years or during a tenancy change A qualified electrician must inspect your electrical needs and give recommendations. 

When does a building need to be rewired?

A building’s electrical system should get a refresh roughly every 25 years, or when it becomes obsolete, ineffective, or dangerous. If you’re living in an old building and you start seeing lights flickering, fuses blowing or old-school outlets and switches, it’s a clear sign – it’s time to get rewiring. A building that is owned must be inspected every 10 years, while a rental property should be inspected every five years or during a tenancy change. A qualified electrician must inspect your electrical needs and give recommendations. 

Can I upgrade my electrical system during the rewiring process?

Certainly! The process of rewiring is a proper time to integrate innovative solutions like IoT sensors, Building Management Systems (BMS), and energy-saving devices. By employing these technologies, we enhance the intelligence and efficiency of your residence. 

Is it illegal to sell a house that needs rewiring?

It is not necessary to rewire your house in order to sell it. However, the buyer may request an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR). Since 2013, UK property sellers must submit detailed information about the property they are selling using a TA6 form. This contains information about the electrical wiring. It should be updated and fulfil specific requirements. So it is recommended to conduct a routine inspection with the assistance of a certified electrician for any irregularities.

Is it worth rewiring an old house?

Yes, it’s worth rewiring an old house. When you do this, you should think about including current technology such as IoT sensors, BMS, and energy-saving technologies. This makes your property smarter, more efficient, and environmentally friendly.

How does commercial industrial wiring differ from residential wiring?

Commercial and residential wiring differ in several ways. The material utilised is one significant distinction. To protect people from electric shocks, cables in homes are typically encased in PVC plastic sheaths. Wiring is more exposed in commercial settings, although it is contained in tubes for safety. To satisfy heavy needs, commercial buildings often employ a three-phase system, whereas residential buildings normally use a single-phase system. Because residential structures utilise less electricity, they only have one pair of lines. Commercial wiring requires specific nylon coatings to resist heat and prevent corrosion since it runs at higher volts.

Do you have to redecorate after rewiring?

Rewiring involves putting cables under the building’s materials, usually out of view. These cable channels or wall chases, as they’re called, will need to be covered up afterwards.  Most homeowners will likely need to do some redecorating after a rewiring project.  As part of our facility management service, we provide redecoration services. So we not only take care of your electrical demands, but we also make certain that your house appears prestigious once the work is over.

How long does a rewiring project usually take?

Although we work efficiently, the duration of a rewiring project will depend on the size of your property and the specific needs you have.

In the field of electrical, Polyteck stands as your go-to provider, ensuring safety, reliability, and compliance with every project. Our solutions go beyond rewiring and include renewable energy integration into rewiring, Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) as well as emergency electrician assistance 24/ 7 for both commercial and residential buildings. With a deep commitment to both the efficient functioning and the enduring safety of your electrical systems, our NICEIC-approved contractor status underscores our dedication to distinction. Our expertise extends to Building Management Systems (BMS) and Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring, further enhancing the efficiency of your electrical rewiring. Contact us today