Polyteck is a facilities management company providing high-quality maintenance services covering the entire range of needs of your commercial, residential or industrial facility.

Polyteck is a leading and asset management company serving clients across several industry sectors. We take pride in our high-quality service and the ability to meet the unique needs of any project. Whether it’s an industrial estate or a high-rise commercial building, we are here for you throughout every stage of your project’s lifecycle.


Why does facilities maintenance matter?

Facilities maintenance matters because it keeps your building operating efficiently and protects your company’s assets. Our team of experienced engineers and facilities maintenance professionals are on hand to solve problems quickly and efficiently to ensure your building operates optimally for maximum efficiency and safety.


Facilities Maintenance Benefits

  1. A scheduled handyman will ensure the constant maintenance and good condition of your building.
  2. A well-designed maintenance plan reduces costs arising from unwanted equipment damage. Some system installations, like your HVAC systems, require regular checks, without which they may stop working correctly and reduce the building’s air quality. Most building facilities covered by our maintenance plans are vital to the proper functioning of your property.
  3. Preserve property value longer with a regular facilities maintenance plan. Your business assets keep your building value competitive and require a tailored facilities maintenance approach to extend their lifecycle.
  4. A preventative maintenance program can greatly extend the life expectancy of critical systems, such as your HVAC, plumbingelectrical, and lighting systems. Rather than managing tasks and timelines for preventative tasks such as filter replacements, duct cleanings, and leak detection checks, Polyteck will do this work for you. As a result, you will be able to save both time and money.
  5. First impressions are always important! Whenever your clients come or visit, the condition of your building sets their expectations about you. Keeping your office clean, well-maintained, and presentable will give your clients a positive first impression. for a meeting.


What is the difference between facilities maintenance and facilities management?

The main difference between facilities maintenance and management is their work scope. The tasks related to maintaining a building aim to keep a facility operational and efficient, improving occupants’ well-being daily. Facilities management has a larger scope of work on the intersection of maintenance personnel management, planning, forecasting equipment failure and ensuring all premises and system installations meet UK’s regulation standards. Read more about Polyteck’s facilities management services or continue with this article to learn more about our facilities maintenance plans. 

The purpose of facilities maintenance is to ensure that buildings, assets and other structures continue functioning in the most efficient manner possible. Our range of Various professionals can perform facilities maintenance services, including electricians, plumbers, handymen and HVAC technicians.

Maintaining buildings, assets, and other structures is essential to ensuring their efficiency. In addition to electricians, plumbers, handymen, and HVAC technicians, we also offer a range of facilities maintenance services.

Since 2005 Polyteck has excelled in providing planned and scheduled facilities maintenance action, specialising in creating customised plans based on your specific needs. We offer a wide range of services, from property and commercial property maintenance through planned building maintenance, property refurbishmentand decorating, plus many other jobs you may need throughout the year.


What are the 4 types of maintenance and which one to choose?

Facilities cility maintenance refers to all tasks designed to increase the building utilities by regularly servicing capital assets, building appliances, and areas inside and outside the property. Maintenance is essential to keep the building and its systems functioning properly, avoiding breakdowns and failures. Finally, maintenance is important in ensuring a clean and safe environment for employees, visitors, and customers.

Maintaining your facilities requires different types of maintenance depending on the equipment and installations utilised on the premises. As most buildings are complex, a single type of maintenance cannot fully address your needs. To receive a comprehensive facilities maintenance service, you may require a combination of the plans described below. 


Corrective maintenance:

Corrective maintenance is unplanned maintenance that fixes a fault issue or failure. It is also known as reactive maintenance or a ‘run to failure’ strategy. It typically involves replacing damaged components or repairing existing appliances predetermined to reach a failing point.

As part of corrective maintenance, the factors leading to failure must be identified and resolved to prevent a larger issue.

Note that corrective maintenance is only adopted when the consequences of equipment failure pose no safety or health risks to the environment.


Preventive maintenance:

A preventive maintenance strategy, also known as regular or routine maintenance, is deployed for equipment and assets subject to costly unplanned downtime. Critical for this plan to work is diligent planning and scheduled equipment health and repair checks to ensure optimal performance before unexpected breakdowns. 


Risk-based maintenance:

Risk-based maintenance (RbM) methodology aims to treat risk-sensitive systems and machinery, allocating resources most economically. The order of system repairs is determined based on the assets that carry the most risk of failing to protect employees, assets and the company. RBM works on the principle that assets having the most chance of failure are addressed first to minimise resource (supplies, personnel, time and cost) waste. 


Condition-based maintenance:

At the core of condition-based maintenance (CBM) is monitoring and collecting measurements from critical equipment parts to determine their real-time condition. Using various data-collecting devices, including IoT devices, we monitor vital indicators signalling decreased performance and upcoming appliance failure so we can initiate repairs exactly when needed.

Multiple device monitoring methods are involved, including visual inspection, performance data, and scheduled testing. The machine’s internal sensors gather condition data at predetermined intervals or continuously. Condition-based maintenance has diverse applications covering mission-critical as well as non-mission-critical assets.


Why choose Polyteck as your trusted facilities maintenance partner

At Polyteck, we are passionate about our facilities’ maintenance services. We tailor our plans to your building’s unique needs, ensuring that all properties thrive longer. General maintenance and reactive repairs are essential for every facility. Facilities with poor maintenance can have severe consequences for health and safety, so it’s critical to employ the services of a trusted partner who can provide you with on-demand maintenance services that are suitable for your building.

With a wide range of services, we can react quickly to any maintenance issues and offer professional advice on how best to ensure your property is well maintained to keep it working efficiently and operating at its best.


Facilities Maintenance Services


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Our highly trained and experienced engineers will ensure that your building is maintained to the highest standards.


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We specialise in providing a tailored service to businesses of all sizes, from small office spaces to large multi-storey commercial premises.


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With a focus on customer satisfaction, we take the time to get to know your business to provide the best service possible. Our attractive rates ensure we can secure returning clients and build lasting business relationships.


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Polyteck is passionate about what we do and is here to serve your needs. All claims will be handled by our employees, who will promptly collect all provided information and forward it to the appropriate department.


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