Our facilities management services cover all needs of a broad range of buildings, including residential, commercial and office properties. Polyteck operates in a highly saturated market of property management companies. Finding the right partner to execute your building management and maintenance requires a high level of trust, and we recognise that. Choosing us as your facilities management partner will provide you access to highly professional, on-site teams equipped with leading-edge technology to save you time, money and energy. We offer the following services fully compliant with all established international and national standards for FM.


Facilities Maintenance

As a general maintenance company, we manage the whole job from start to finish. Your property will be looked after by our team of dedicated project managers and tradespeople. We have a reputation for delivering high-quality craft at an affordable price with a genuine customer service focus.


Facilities Management

Our facilities management services help you focus on your bottom line by scheduling and executing regular maintenance tasks. We ensure your premises are kept safe and efficient always. 

At the core of our expertise is the facilities management package containing the development and maintenance of all FM building blocks delivered by our team. Polyteck’s FM services add value to your company on an organisational level and refine your daily business activities by:

  • Building a sustainable FM service strategy
  • Designing cost-efficient project delivery processes
  • Delivering high-quality maintenance services
  • Ensuring compliance with statutory requirements


Planned Building Maintenance

One of the main activities at Polyteck is planned (preventative) maintenance. We offer regular tests to ensure your appliances are in full working condition to prevent issues from arising at their onset. 

Our goal is to help ensure your workplace is safe, efficient and fully functional. We provide a range of handyman services tailored to meet the minor repair and routine maintenance needs of businesses in London.



Our comprehensive electrical service package includes installation followed by mandatory post-installation inspection visits and reporting ensuring the electrical system’s safety and proper working condition. 


Security Systems

Security systems are one of the essential elements of a safe and secure building. In today’s day and age, security systems can range from simple cameras to complex access control mechanisms. These security systems provide security for the people working in or visiting the building and its assets and resources. Security systems also help to protect the building from external threats such as vandalism, theft, and more severe crimes. Installing security systems gives peace of mind that these threats are minimized and can be managed if they arise. Investing in security systems is essential for any business or organization looking to maintain a secure environment while providing peace of mind to those using it.



Fire and Safety

Fire and safety are of utmost importance to the building’s occupants and the building itself. We offer fire and safety alarm systems services, including fire detection, signalling and control systems monitoring alarm functionality.

Polyteck is committed to providing industry-leading fire alarm services and systems that integrate easily with other safety and security solutions. We are BAFE SP, and FIA certified, and we undergo regular training to ensure the highest quality of work. 



Polyteck’s  engineers are highly qualified and capable to design, install, service and maintain all heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems to all modern, complex, and integrated buildings.

We have a best-in-class HVAC team ready to design and implement a preventative maintenance program for your building that will help you achieve optimal performance from your system.


Property Maintenance

We know how important it is to monitor and resolve potential issues in your properties. Polyteck’s professional property maintenance services cover a range of reactive, planned and preventative maintenance services. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will adequately care for your property, keeping it well-maintained and up-to-date.


IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions

Remote monitoring and control is a service that helps businesses save money on their energy bills.

Polyteck provides top-tier equipment protection, utilising next-generation IoT Remote Monitoring devices. Our services guarantee prompt preventative and protective appliance work to save time and money while preventing damage and protecting your premises.


For more information, contact us at 020 7481 0222.