Address: 11 WestferryCircus, E14

Client: Knight Frank

Work:  Static manned site.

Contracts: 36 months


Polyteck have proven to be a valued and trustworthy contractor and supplier to Knight Frank, having worked as a specialist contractor for a number of years always offering a supreme service.

Polyteck were chosen from a number of other contractors but only Polyteckoffered the 100% self-delivery service that was required for this prestigious site.  Polyteck prides itself on the fact that it will deliver in-house services which will include HVAC services, Drainage, Life Safety and Security as well as any fabric maintenance, repairs or refurbishment.

This property is home to the East London Family Courts and therefore it is more important than usual, that everything works as it should because of the sensitive nature of their work. The building is utilised by many different groups of people and offers an interesting challenge in the many different ways they will use the building.

Other residents include Tom’s Kitchen Restaurants on the ground floor which will offer other challenges when we become the 24h hour go-to contractor, as this will require very specialist care.