The W Hotel in Leicester Square originally opened its doors in 2011, providing London with a new fun and vibrant option for travelers wishing to stay in one of the world’s busiest cities. Polyteck Building Services had the pleasure of being tasked with installing meters that can be used for billing purposes (MID).

This was a variation of replacement, upgrade and new installation to water, heat and gas meters. The works were carried out over a 4 day period, with some works being carried out overnight. This was due to the hotel’s constant room service demands and requirements to have minimal disruption to the kitchen gas supply.

Once again Polyteck Building Services has proved that it can deliver an exceptional service that was fitting to its clients needs, working around the clock with little or no disruption to W Hotel’s operations.

Water meter to cooling tower top up upgraded to MID type (Allows for billing)

Old Meter
New MID Type Meter

Heat meter to Residential heating upgraded to replace failed meter (Measures flow and heat loss)

Meter Replacement Old to New Meter
Old Failed Meter
Upgraded Replacement Meter

Heat meter to Absorption Chillers installed to allow for billing on usage (Measures flow and heat loss)

Gas meter to CHP upgraded to MID Type (Allows for billing)

W Hotel Replacement / Gas Meter
Old CHP Gas Meter
W Hotel Replacement / Gas Meter
New CHP MID Type Gas Meter

Gas meter to kitchen upgraded to Rotary MID type (Allows for catering equipment and billing)

The works included pipework modification and the purging & testing of the gas pipework on completion.

Old Turbine Metwr W Hotel8
Old Turbine Type Meter
New Rotary Mid meter
New Rotary MID Meter