Staple Inn-London external photo

Client: Staple Inn

Partner: EnviroLogik


Case Summary: Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency with Advanced Refrigerant Leak Detection at Staple Inn Building

Early F-Gas Leak detection technology (Fluorinated Gas) or Refrigerant, as is commonly referred to in the industry, is becoming the norm for all Chilled and AC systems. Due to its greenhouse warming potential, costly repair and risk of AC systems downtime in offices, especially as we are experiencing warmer than usual summers, installation of these alarms is essential.

n In the bustling multi-tenanted Staple Inn building our newly installed F-Gas Leak detection is ensuring the optimal performance of 2 x 180 Kw Trane Air Cooled Chillers , which are critical to office workers’ comfort. The individuals primarily impacted by this issue are office workers employed in law firms. Their comfort and productivity heavily rely on the efficient operation of the Trane Air Cooled Chillers. In order to maintain uninterrupted comfort, Polyteck, in collaboration with EnviroLogik, embarked on a mission to introduce an innovative monitoring solution for the chillers and chilled water system, placing utmost importance on cutting-edge technology for detecting refrigerant leaks.

Problem Statement: The Need for Advanced Maintenance Solutions

In the realm of commercial offices, chiller failures emerge as frequent challenges, burdening businesses with substantial repair expenses. Our vision encompasses a proactive, condition-based maintenance service, aimed at mitigating chiller failures and fostering long-term cost savings. Polyteck offers flexible solutions tailored to our client’s specific needs for refrigerant leak detection and their attendant repair expenses in commercial offices. Besides providing traditional preventive maintenance (PM) contracts, we understand that every client has different needs. 

Analysis:Unveiling Enhanced Monitoring Capabilities: Polyteck’s Advanced Leak Detection Solution

To tackle this issue, Polyteck implemented an advanced monitoring and alarm system for refrigerant pressure at Staple Inn. This cutting-edge solution, integrated with Polyteck’s comprehensive Building Management System (BMS) services, enables the prompt identification of refrigerant leaks in the event that the pressure deviates from predefined thresholds within the refrigerant circuit. Early leak detection alarms will immediately notify our service teams, enabling containment of the environmentally harmful F-Gas being released into the atmosphere. Furthermore, it prevents or reduces the cost of recharging the system and controls the complete +loss of refrigerant.

Solution and Implementation:Proactive Maintenance at Its Best: Polyteck’s Integrated Leak Detection Implementation

Polyteck’s cutting-edge solution offers timely notifications to their skilled refrigeration specialists, guaranteeing swift action and prompt repairs to mitigate the risk of critical malfunctions. Through the seamless integration of refrigerant leak monitoring with our BMS services, immediate alerts on escalated energy consumption can be used to detect and intervene early when refrigerant leaks are suspected.

Results and Evaluation: Transforming Chiller Maintenance: Polyteck’s Leak Detection System Delivers Outstanding Results

Through the implementation of Polyteck’s advanced refrigerant leak detection solution, Staple Inn experienced notable enhancements in chiller performance and achieved substantial cost savings in repair expenses. Detecting refrigerant leaks early and fixing them promptly prevented expensive system failures and replacements. The proactive approach adopted by Polyteck ensures occupant comfort while maximising energy efficiency, resulting in a cost-effective and continuous operation, with reduced risk of downtime. 

Polyteck’s state-of-the-art refrigerant leak detection system, seamlessly integrated with its all-encompassing BMS services, has brought about a transformative impact on chiller maintenance at Staple Inn. Through the application of cutting-edge technology and proactive approaches, Polyteck has delivered remarkable advantages, such as heightened chiller performance, minimised repair expenditures, and elevated occupant satisfaction. For further information on Polyteck’s comprehensive BMS services, and IoT remote monitoring solutions kindly reach out to us to explore how our expertise can optimise your specific chiller maintenance requirements.