Royal Exchange

Client: The Royal Exchange

Partner: EnviroLogik


Case Summary: Enhancing Maintenance Efficiency with IoT Solutions

Condition-based maintenance (CBM) takes centre stage in the collaborative efforts between Polyteck and EnviroLogik at The Royal Exchange. Our groundbreaking multi-sensor M&E IoT system brought a wave of transformation, redefining maintenance practices with ingenious condition-based strategies. Through the utilisation of cutting-edge IoT hardware, this innovative installation aimed to monitor critical equipment in sub-basement and rooftop plant rooms. With remote monitoring and real-time alarming data on the entire premises, they ushered in a new era of maintenance excellence.

Problem Statement: Limitations of Traditional Maintenance Systems

At The Royal Exchange, the limitations of the existing building management system (BMS) became evident when it came to monitoring crucial equipment. With the ever-increasing calls for maximum Efficiency and upcoming Net-Zero requirements, it was imperative to find a solution that could ensure optimal performance and early detection of issues in plant rooms. 

The objective was clear: to enhance the capabilities of the BMS and revolutionise the monitoring and maintenance practices at The Royal Exchange using condition-based maintenance (CBM).

Analysis: Evaluating the Case for Condition-Based Maintenance

Upon conducting a thorough analysis, it became apparent that the current building management system (BMS) at Royal Exchange had considerable limitations. Inadequate monitoring capabilities for crucial equipment presented obstacles in achieving optimal performance and timely fault detection in the plant rooms. Consequently, the necessity for a more resilient and future-proof maintenance strategy became evident.

Solution and Implementation: Empowering Maintenance with IoT Innovations

In the pursuit of an effective monitoring and maintenance solution, Polyteck and EnviroLogik joined forces to introduce cutting-edge IoT innovations. This pioneering IoT system implemented by Polyteck and EnviroLogik embraced the power of Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM), revolutionising maintenance practices and enabling proactive equipment monitoring and reducing frequencies and costs, based on real-time data specific for the building. By harnessing their proprietary IoT hardware, the radio networked based system achieved seamless communication across plant room walls and high-level structures. The installation now facilitates remote monitoring and provides critical alarm data, even in unmanned areas. Specially designed IoT sensors were strategically deployed, overseeing various aspects such as refrigerant pressures/leaks, energy consumption, water leaks, tank temperatures, filter differential pressures, and flow switches. The EnviroLogik IoT system’s open architecture is seamlessly integrated with Polyteck’s Multi-Site Planned Maintenance system, enabling real-time alerts and informed maintenance decisions based on equipment condition and requirements, as opposed to frequency based generic service approach.

Results and Evaluation: Optimising Maintenance Performance and Cost Savings

The successful deployment of our cutting-edge IoT solution revolutionised the performance and cost-effectiveness of maintenance operations. By seamlessly integrating real-time monitoring and proactive alerts, we empowered maintenance teams to prevent equipment failures and maximise operational efficiency. Our state-of-the-art security measures and dedicated network infrastructure ensured the highest level of data protection. Significantly, the implementation of condition-based maintenance practices led to substantial cost savings, particularly in addressing refrigerant leaks and compressor failures, further reinforcing the overall economic and enviornmental benefits of our solution.

Embracing the Future: Condition-Based Maintenance Redefines Efficiency

A transformative journey at Royal Exchange began with the collaborative efforts of Polyteck and EnviroLogik, leading to the successful implementation of an advanced IoT system. This achievement revolutionises traditional maintenance strategies, showcasing Polyteck’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology and embracing the concept of condition-based maintenance (CBM). By surpassing the limitations of conventional systems, enhanced efficiency and substantial cost savings are now being achieved.

Condition-based maintenance takes centre stage as a groundbreaking approach that focuses on performing maintenance activities based on real-time equipment conditions rather than adhering to fixed schedules. With the utilisation of IoT sensors and Polyteck’s expertise, critical equipment at Royal Exchange is closely monitored, ensuring timely interventions and minimising unexpected failures. This proactive methodology optimises equipment performance, extends its lifespan, and delivers impressive results.

Thanks to remote monitoring, critical alarming, and continuous analysis of equipment data, Polyteck’s skilled technicians take precise maintenance actions, exactly when required. This data-driven approach empowers operational efficiency, reduces downtime, reduces overall Serviced Delivery carbon footprint and generates significant cost savings for Royal Exchange. By embracing this advanced solution, maintenance operations are seamlessly integrated, proving the scalability and interoperability of the EnviroLogik IoT system with Polyteck’s maintenance system.

Royal Exchange’s commitment to embracing a future-ready approach ensures the optimal functioning of critical systems. By incorporating condition-based maintenance as a cornerstone of its operations, Royal Exchange sets a new standard for efficiency and Environmental sustainability. CBM Strategy will play an important part in achieving Carbon Neutrality for the RE in the long term.

To learn more about our innovative BMS services and how Polyteck can revolutionise your maintenance strategies with condition-based maintenance, please feel free to contact us.