Address: Brent Council Civic Centre  Housing Department

Client: Brent Council

Work:  Voids, Responsive Repairs, Planned Maintenance, and Disrepair

Contracts: 60 months

The Scope

Brent has 8,168 properties, which are a mixture of property types.  The contract is to precipitate voids, planned maintenance and disrepair contractor as well as support contractor on reactive maintenance.

The Process

The process was to achieve a more professional and efficient service for the local authority and to support a failing main contractor and in turn help Brent Council achieve there KPI`s.  We over mobilised (inducted more operatives than necessary) to ensure that we hit the ground running and exceeded expectations. This included our CSR requirements; we held career days and local supplier days where we employed local residents and supported local suppliers. We also provided other opportunities to utilise their services not just for the Brent contract but on some of our other contracts in London.

Our due diligence of over mobilising paid off, as the out going DLO had a lot of uncompleted works, which meant we were able to quickly clear the backlog without interruption to our everyday service.

Our Management team were a central part of the tender process and team, therefore they were fully aware of what we had promised in the tender documents and what was expected this provided continuity in our whole process and service.

Polyteck had within 3 months achieved its target KPIs and begun to further reduce them again. We will look for a continual reduction in the key target KPIs and is of most benefit to the customer.


Before Polyteck 15 days

KPI Minor Voids  10 days

Polyteck`s Turnaround time  8.2 Days

Before Polyteck  27 days

KPI Major Voids  20 days

Polyteck`s Turnaround Time  17.4 Days


100% completed on target for time and budget.