Client: EON

Duration: 2 year contract + 4-year framework Boiler Replacement Contract

Polyteck is proud to participate in a 4-year framework agreement with Kent County Council, working diligently to implement the boiler replacement program, also referred to as the ‘affordable warmth’ initiative. This crucial government programme is designed to provide financial relief to eligible individuals by minimising the expenses associated with home heating. Through the strategic deployment of energy-efficient measures, we’re committed to facilitating a more affordable and sustainable heating solution for their existing building portfolio.

Our collaboration with Kent County Council has yielded a stream of valuable leads that align perfectly with our mission. By leveraging these leads, Polyteck is actively contributing to the realisation of significant Lifetime Savings on EON energy. These efforts not only make homes more energy-efficient but also pave the way for EON boiler replacements that enhance comfort and environmental responsibility.


Polyteck, an esteemed company in the realm of property and facilities management, specialises in a myriad of services geared towards augmenting energy efficiency and optimising comfort across diverse settings. One of our prominent offerings is Boiler Replacement, wherein we meticulously oversee each facet of boiler upgrades or replacements, ensuring seamless functionality, enhanced energy performance, and elevated customer contentment.

The process embarked upon by Polyteck for Boiler Replacement can be delineated as follows:

  • Lead Generation and Qualification: Polyteck commences the procedure by generating leads through assorted channels. These leads are subsequently scrupulously evaluated and deemed eligible, guaranteeing alignment with the company’s proficiency and clients’ requisites.
  • Proof of Benefits: Prior to advancing with any replacement, Polyteck furnishes clients with exhaustive proof of benefits. This entails a detailed presentation elucidating how the proposed Boiler Replacement will yield escalated energy efficiency, diminished operational costs, and amplified overall performance.
  • Energy Savings Trust Data Matching: Polyteck employs meticulous data matching methodologies to align the proposed Boiler Replacement with the benchmarks stipulated by the Energy Savings Trust. This ensures that the replacement adheres to the loftiest energy efficiency criteria and qualifies for potential incentives or grants.
  • Boiler Assessment: A pivotal stage in the process, Polyteck’s experts conduct a thorough assessment of the prevailing boiler system. This encompasses the evaluation of its performance, efficiency, and compatibility with the replacement alternatives. This assessment serves as the cornerstone for judicious decision-making.
  • Energy Performance Certificates (EPC): Polyteck’s commitment to sustainability extends to obtaining Energy Performance Certificates. This documentation offers a lucid overview of the property’s energy efficiency and aids clients in making enlightened decisions regarding the Boiler Replacement.
  • Portal Upload for Sign-Off: To ensure transparency and accountability, Polyteck uploads all pertinent documentation and proposals to secure client portals. This empowers clients to review, evaluate, and furnish necessary approvals or feedback before proceeding with the Boiler Replacement endeavour.
  • Installation of Premier Brands: Polyteck collaborates with esteemed boiler manufacturers such as Ideal, Vaillant, and Worcester. Their adept technicians fastidiously install these top-notch boilers, guaranteeing seamless integration with pre-existing systems and maximising efficiency.
  • Benchmark Commissioning and Sign-Off: Subsequent to installation, each fresh boiler undergoes exacting benchmark commissioning tests. These tests ensure the boiler’s optimal operation, adherence to stipulated performance benchmarks. Upon successful commissioning, Polyteck secures the client’s endorsement, signifying contentment with the accomplished work.
  • Customer Care (RLO – Resident Liaison Officer): As a testament to our dedication to customer gratification, Polyteck appoints Resident Liaison Officers (RLOs) to sustain open lines of communication with clients throughout the process. These officers address any concerns, offer updates, and ensure clients remain comprehensively apprised of the progression and outcomes of the Boiler Replacement initiative.

In summation, Polyteck’s Boiler Replacement service entails a comprehensive process spanning from lead generation and qualification to energy efficiency evaluations, precise installations, and client correspondence. Through the integration of avant-garde technology and industry proficiency, Polyteck guarantees the execution of every Boiler Replacement venture at the acme of standards, culminating in heightened energy efficiency, cost savings, and enriched comfort for our esteemed clients. Check out our HVAC services or contact us today.