Client: Islington Council

Duration: 1 + 1 Year Framework Responsive Repairs

London Borough of Islington serves a diverse community with a housing stock comprising 21,272 rented properties and 7,600 leaseholder/managed organisations. Polyteck were selected as one of three contractors to deliver housing responsive repairs and maintenance services using in-house specialist multi-skilled trade operatives to cover 24-hour emergency and routine repairs. The majority of responsive repairs were carried out inside tenanted properties with other related external repairs included to the building exterior, fabric, communal areas, facilities, estate roads and paths.

Out of hours emergency and urgent repair included:

Plumbing, sanitary, drainage and groundwork, concrete and brickwork repairs, fencing and paving, repairs and replacements, repairing, maintaining and decorating internal and external communal areas, structural repairs, carpentry repairs/replacements, repairing and installing doors and windows and related components, property overhaul and refurbishment work.

A first class multi-skilled trade housing repair services were delivered to the residents’ and Council`s satisfaction, on time and on budget, supported by Polyteck`s Residential Liaison Officer (RLO), Contract Manager, Operation Manager, Quality Supervisor and Senior Management Team.