Client: Knight Frank
Property: 105 Victoria Street
Partner: EnviroLogik

Case Summary: Empowering Facility Management through IoT Monitoring: A Game-Changer for 105 Victoria St

IoT monitoring took centre stage in revolutionising facility management practices at 105 Victoria St. Through the implementation of cutting-edge IoT monitoring solutions, powered by EnviroLogik, a state-of-the-art multi-sensor M&E IoT system was successfully deployed. This sensor-based monitoring had a profound impact on the site’s operational efficiency, equipment performance, and occupant comfort, ushering in a new era of smart and proactive facility management. By harnessing the power of IoT monitoring, 105 Victoria St experienced significant improvements in various facets of its operations, enabling real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and an unparalleled level of performance optimization. We are pleased that 105 Victoria Street is the UK’s largest 100% electric net-zero office development in Victoria. Trust us for remote monitoring and more

Problem Statement: Addressing Critical Challenges with Comprehensive IoT Monitoring Solutions

The building at 105 Victoria St, which covers a vast area of 300,000 square feet, had ongoing problems with water leaks and equipment failures. These issues were made worse by an outdated building management system (BMS) that couldn’t effectively monitor or control the situation. The installation of an advanced IoT monitoring system was necessary in order to meet these challenges and improve performance and reliability. This cutting-edge solution provided real-time insights into critical parameters, allowing for proactive identification of issues, timely interventions, and optimised operational efficiency. With the implementation of the IoT monitoring system, the building at 105 Victoria St achieved enhanced facility management practices, improved equipment performance, reduced repair costs, and ultimately, a better experience for occupants. Check our BMS services for your building’s solution.

Unveiling the Installation: Inside the Knight Frank Building at 105 Victoria Street - Watch the Video!

Analysis: Empowering Facility Management with Advanced IoT Capabilities

Polyteck and EnviroLogik collaborated to develop the state-of-the-art IoT multisensor system to overcome the limitations of the existing infrastructure. The connected device monitoring provided unprecedented functionality for monitoring and controlling various equipment and environmental factors in real time. This seamlessly integrates with our top-notch planned building maintenance service, providing a professional and comprehensive solution.

The implementation of our advanced IoT multisensor system not only overcame the limitations of the existing infrastructure but also empowered the facility to embrace innovation and drive continuous improvement. With a focus on sustainability and forward-thinking solutions, Polyteck and EnviroLogik are proud to be at the forefront of creating a greener future for facility management.

Solution and Implementation:Polyteck and EnviroLogik Join Forces to Deploy Advanced IoT Monitoring System for Optimal Facility Performance

Polyteck’s skilled engineers efficiently deployed cutting-edge IoT hardware from EnviroLogik, integrating a range of specialised sensors. These strategically positioned sensors throughout the premises enabled comprehensive monitoring of vital factors such as refrigerant pressures, energy usage, water leakage, tank temperatures, filter differentials, flow temperatures, indoor air quality, and more. This wealth of data empowered the facility’s management team to make informed decisions, optimise energy efficiency, detect and address issues promptly, and maintain a comfortable and sustainable indoor environment.

Results and Evaluation: Proactive Monitoring for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

The implementation of the EnviroLogik multi-sensor M&E IoT system resulted in impressive results. An email notification system in real-time and a web-based interface effectively communicated alarms and alerts to management and maintenance

By adopting this proactive approach, informed decisions are made, predictive maintenance strategies are implemented, and operational efficiencies are maximised. With sensor-based monitoring the facility’s management team can make informed decisions, implement effective maintenance strategies, and maximise operational efficiencies, leading to improved performance and cost savings.

Results and Evaluation: Predictive Maintenance Drives Optimal Performance and Reduced Downtime

The advanced IoT monitoring offered by EnviroLogik not only effectively resolved the immediate challenges encountered at 105 Victoria St, but also provided a long-term solution for long-term success. The system’s robust IoT sensors and secure gateways, operating independently from conventional networks, guarantee the highest level of data security. Moreover, the scalable design of the solution allows future equipment and systems to be seamlessly integrated and monitored.

Future-Ready Facility Management through Scalable IoT Solutions

Unlocking a new era in facility management, the cutting-edge implementation of EnviroLogik’s multi-sensor M&E IoT system at 105 Victoria St has sparked a transformation like never before. With state-of-the-art IoT monitoring capabilities, the site experienced a remarkable boost in equipment performance, significant cost savings on repairs, and an unparalleled level of occupant comfort. By embracing the power of IoT monitoring, this clever facility has cemented its position as an industry pioneer, ready for enduring adaptability and unrivalled efficiency well into the future.

Polyteck is a trusted facility management service provider dedicated to building a sustainable future. Through the seamless integration of cutting-edge IoT monitoring and technologies, our goal is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions. But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We firmly believe in fostering strong partnerships with our esteemed clients and nurturing our exceptional team of experts. Together, we can shape a brighter future and lead the way towards a sustainable world. We look forward to embarking on this extraordinary journey together. Contact us today to build a greener future together.