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Client: CBRE

Partner: EnviroLogik

Efficient Energy Management with IoT Meter Reading: A CBRE Case Study

The IoT meter reading technology was vital to CBRE, a recognised business with multiple offices throughout the UK, effectively managing energy consumption. With the need for remote access to Gas, Electric, and Water Meters, they embraced cutting-edge IoT solutions to monitor energy consumption in their properties. Leveraging Lorawan IoT hardware, CBRE seamlessly implemented remote meter reading systems on digital and analogue meters at various locations. Connected devices equipped with sensors play a crucial role in IoT remote monitoring, enabling seamless data collection and real-time insights. This provided real-time insights, optimising efficiency, and enabling proactive energy management with predefined thresholds. As a result, CBRE achieved significant cost savings while making remarkable progress towards its sustainability goals. At Polyteck, we use the latest IoT monitoring technologies, including wireless and network sensors, which give us the advantage of providing suitable solutions in any situation. Check out our IoT monitoring service to learn more.

Enhancing Energy Management: CBRE’s Challenge with IoT Meter Reading

CBRE’s ambitious goal was to enhance energy efficiency and simplify tenant billing across its diverse property portfolio. To achieve this, they required a robust solution for remote meter readings of Gas, Electric, and Water Meters, enabling real-time insights into energy consumption. Equally vital was the ability to set predefined thresholds, triggering alerts for proactive energy management and sustainability measures. With determination and innovation, CBRE paved the way towards a greener and more efficient future.

Through the implementation of cutting-edge Internet of Things sensors and seamless installation of remote meter reading systems, CBRE effectively harnessed the power of data to optimise energy usage and drive cost savings. With a commitment to excellence and a forward-thinking approach, CBRE continues to lead the way in efficient energy management, setting a shining example for the industry.

With TM22 Energy Analysis, our comprehensive solution goes beyond standard energy monitoring, enabling CBRE to delve deeper into energy usage patterns, identify inefficiencies, and implement targeted strategies for maximum energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

IoT Meter Reading Solutions: Overcoming Diverse Meter Types for CBRE

In the face of diverse properties with older meters, CBRE embraced innovation to meet the challenge head-on. With our expertise, we introduced innovative IoT meter reading solutions, deploying Lorawan IoT hardware seamlessly. Implementing our IoT remote meter reading system on various gas, electric, and water meters across multiple locations, from Edinburgh to London, showcased our commitment to precision and efficiency. Tenant comfort remained a top priority as our team managed a smooth installation process with minimal disruptions. This invaluable insight allowed them to optimise energy usage, identify potential areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance overall energy efficiency. Sustainability is at the core of our commitment to Net Zero Targets.

Seamless Implementation of IoT Meter Reading for CBRE’s Energy Management

With our IoT meter reading solution, CBRE can seamlessly integrate existing infrastructure with our comprehensive IoT meter reading solution. Experience the convenience of centralised reading and usage tracking for gas and electricity smart metering. Our cutting-edge smart sensors, combined with smart meters, collect rich data in near real-time, empowering CBRE to make data-driven decisions for unrivalled energy optimization and substantial cost savings

Say goodbye to energy inefficiencies and embrace a greener and more financially responsible future with our innovative IoT meter reading solution.

In addition to the above, we prioritise resilient development, incorporating regenerative practices and providing long-term viability. Our energy use analysis and recommendations further enhance sustainability efforts, ensuring a greener and more sustainable future.

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Optimising Energy Usage: Measuring Success with IoT Meter Reading at CBRE

For CBRE, implementing IoT metre reading has been a resounding success. CBRE has seen appreciable increases in efficiency and cost savings because of the availability of remote metre reading and the knowledge it has gained about energy consumption trends. With clearly defined criteria in place, the business has successfully minimised waste and advanced its sustainability goals by actively managing energy usage. Notably, the research from the World Economic Forum emphasises how such clever energy management techniques hold the prospect of huge energy savings, bringing benefits to both businesses and the environment.

Future-Ready Facility Management through Scalable IoT Solutions

The future of facility management is shaped by scalable IoT solutions, and CBRE’s triumph with IoT meter reading paves the way. Digitization and IoT technologies empower populous areas to optimise energy usage, reduce costs, and drive Carbon footprint reduction. CBRE’s visionary stance on energy management sets the standard for future-ready facility management, driving sustainability and efficiency in their properties and the communities they impact. As we look ahead, the potential for a greener and more prosperous future beckons, powered by innovative sensor networks and forward-thinking organisations like CBRE. 


At Polyteck, we join forces with EnviroLogik to provide comprehensive facility management services, offering expert solutions through our HVAC and BMS services. Our tailored strategies prioritise energy efficiency and sustainability. With a proven track record, you can trust us for top-notch integrated IoT solutions. Embracing a greener future and striving to meet 2050 net zero targets, we are committed to being part of the environmentally friendly buildings in London. Let us be your help tool in building this future together. Contact us and we would be pleased to share how we can improve your building’s functionality.