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Sustainable refrigerant maintenance methods have multiple benefits. Apart from causing irreversible damage to your refrigerant systems, small leaks are not sustainable for the environment and have broader environmentally damaging effects. Rather than implementing a costly refrigerant leak identification framework, our IoT refrigerant pressure monitoring system sends alerts from data collected from the refrigerant tension. Afterwards the data is automatically analysed for the generation of preventative action plans.


IoT monitoring devices in action

Smart meters send reports every half hour and they do not adjust data to space, occupancy, assets or activity. In maintenance terms, IoT remote monitoring system is a more sustainable and effective energy saving device.

The M&E contractor receives data about the 2 systems on the internet of things mobile monitoring device used by their stand by technicians and contractors office. Choices can be made quickly to prevent unnecessary damage leading to refrigerant loss and energy waste. This preventative action is one of the leading benefits of IoT applications in various businesses.


Detection of Energy Waste

Energy Monitoring is another cost-effective method of damage prevention. Not long after having introduced this system, EnviroLogik identified that the Chillers were running 24/7 because of a mistake in the target setpoints. This sensor gathered data led to rapidly amending these resulting in the customer saving £5,000 in month to month energy costs.


Energy at Asset Level

Our IoT energy saving device, cuts emissions and prolongs your appliance’s life, making effective ecosystems with your resources. Working close by activities guarantees every resource can be utilised effectively and persevered to its maximum capacity.

What you get with our IoT remote monitoring device:

  • Money back in 10 months or less
  • Each asset level comes with corresponding insights
  • Connection to operational activities
  • Profit maximisation not connected to sales increase
  • Enhanced energy efficiency output increase comfort levels expanding client and staff satisfaction.


Instant Savings for Customers

Our IoT-powered services offer cost savings, freeing up resources from the start. We support the Green Development Asset for Innovation, a system that gives organisations access to instant savings for energy cost-saving drives. By using a mix of renewable energy sources and intelligent data collecting devices we champion a green preventative maintenance process.


IoT device Benefits include:

  • Interest free, forthright financing
  • No capital expense
  • Quick reserve funds
  • Expanded energy proficiency
  • Steady course to ‘Net-Zero Carbon’
  • Self-financing IoT system that advances with the business

Our total start to finish energy solution can help you with energy measurement, procurements, management and offsetting- so you can relax because we manage all the risks.