Contract Name: Responsive Repairs & Empty Homes Framework

Customer: The Guinness Partnership

Location: Properties located all across London, but mainly Hackney and Islington boarders


We carry out fixed wire electrical testing and inspection across Guinness partnerships property portfolio. The Guinness Partnership provides housing and care services across England. They own and manage around 60,000 homes and employ 3,000 people, they are a customer service organisation in 125 local authority areas.

Polyteck undertakes electrical testing and repairs to thwart housing stock, including C1 & C2 repairs, installation of heat and smoke alarms in dwellings and we provide a 24-hour, 365 day a year reactive service.

We are working in partnership to bring about sustainable impacts into the local communities through our work programmes and community involvement.

Polyteck`s flexibility and appointment communication has resulted in increase in customer satisfaction levels