Project: East Barnet

Duration: 26 weeks

Phase 1 Programme – 26 weeks

Polyteck agreed with the freeholder to develop a new mansard construction to the roof of Embassy Court over the existing 4-floor block adjacent to Bounds Green Station. The Mansard construction will comprise 4 penthouse apartments, the common parts will be refurbished and new lift car installed to serve the new flats. The new mansard has seen built over 15 existing flats working with the existing leaseholders.

We had a full-time Resident liaison officer on-site ensuring the leaseholders’ expectations were met and to ensure there were no communication problems on-site.

Phase 2  Programme – 52 weeks

We have entered into a joint venture with RCP Group and obtained planning to build 3 new homes to the rear of the property as part of Haringey council’s initiative aimed at the first time buyer market, to maximise the housing output and established a close working relationship with developers/house builders.