Clients: Gap C Investments

Location: East Barnet

Duration: 24 months

Charlotte Court was an occupied 35,000 sq.ft. office block. The site was acquired in March 2014, with the view of asset managing the development in phases.
The first phase consisted of vacating the offices, obtaining permits developing 30 apartments , the ground floor and lower ground floor have now been redeveloped as a gym plus further parking facilities provided in Phase 2.
The completion of the second phase saw full renovation of the ground floor into a gym, which is now leased. As of 2022 the gym operator is now fully operational, and the penthouse development will begin later this year and be completed in six months.
The third phase is underway as of April 2022 and it features the development of four penthouses on the roof and the relocation of the cellphone mast.
Phase 4 will entail the construction of a new rear extension, garages, and an additional eight luxury apartments.

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