Polyteck have recently completed the installation of a new Commercial Fire Detection & Alarm System at Artillery House, Artillery Row, SW1. Full details of the project that was undertaken can be read below.

Commercial Fire Detection & Alarm System Upgrade

Issue: Faults developed by an old conventional analogue fire alarm system

Aim: To achieve maximum functionality & reliability of the fire detection and alarm system

Proposed Solutions:

  • Survey, inspect and audit the site in order to identify requirements and sustainability of a new system
  • Installing of 190+ addressable smoke and heat detectors over nine floors, basement and roof with floor area per floor approx. 6,900 square feet
  • Installing 2 new addressable stainless steel custom made Kentec Syncro fire alarm panel
  • New Loop powered sounders throughout the office areas
  • Integrating existing conventional circuits
  • Incremental replacement approach maintaining full cover at all time

The Key Results:

More reliable system providing the benefits of an addressable fire alarm system:

  • Wired fire alarms using loop circuits
  • Eliminate the amount of false alarms
  • Eradicate legacy faults on the system
  • Speed up fire alarm location and fault findings
  • Saving valuable time when detecting a fire as the description of location will appear on the fire alarm panel