20 Moorgate Boiler Servicing PPM

Client: Bank of England

Value: £30,000

Duration: 4 weeks

Polyteck carried out the servicing and acid cleaning of the modular boilers at the Bank of England. We carried out an intrusive survey of the heating/boiler plant followed by routine dry and wet side acid clean to enable the system to operate within its CIBSE life expectancy.

We carry out the following services in relation to heating and hot water plant:

  • Full validation services
  • Installation
  • De-scaling
  • System balancing
  • Gas Service-Gas Safe
  • Combustion Analysis
  • Flushing
  • Controls
  • Water Hygiene

We offer compressive planned and responsive maintenance for all types of boiler plant, including calorifiers, plate heat exchangers, CHP plant, valves and all types of pipework installation.