cbre iot meter readign

Energy Management with IoT Meter Reading: A CBRE Case Study

Client: CBRE
Partner: EnviroLogik
CBRE’s widespread adoption of IoT meter reading technology drives remote monitoring of Gas, Electric, and Water Meters. Cutting-edge solutions offer real-time insights, cost savings, and proactive energy management, aligning with sustainability goals.

Staple Inn-London external photo

Staple Inn’s Refrigerant Leak Detection Solution for Optimal Chiller Maintenance

Client: Staple Inn
Partner: EnviroLogik
Staple Inn transformed chiller maintenance with advanced refrigerant leak detection, ensuring comfort, cost savings, and preventing system failures. Polyteck’s innovative solution integrates cutting-edge technology for early detection and prompt repairs, delivering outstanding results and uninterrupted operation.

IoT chiller monitoring, Sloane Avenue London, IoT monitoring devices

IoT Chiller Monitoring – a sustainable solution at Sloane Avenue London

Project: Fire Alarm & Access Control System Replacement
Scope: Upgrade and Replacement of Closed Protocol Fire alarm system (ADT) with new Open Protocol Addressable system throughout Upgrade and replacement of Closed Protocol Proximity Access (C-cure) with new Paxton 10 latest open / web enabled open system