Islington Council's Training Programme

Polyteck Supports Islington Council’s Training Programme

Polyteck Building Services recently had the privilege of supporting Islington Council’s community training programme by donating essential tools and materials. This enabled us to contribute to their programme and support their success. At Polyteck, we firmly believe in giving back to the community and investing in initiatives that have a positive impact on society. Our…


commercial properties in central london

Spring Cleaning for Commercial Properties

With spring waiting around the corner and the sun shining longer, it is essential to have a radiant space and to satisfy visitors and tenants. Commercial buildings must be in their full shine and welcome with clean and functional space. Spring cleaning extends beyond basic tidying; it is a dedicated effort to refresh, revitalise, and…


Sustainable Commercial Buildings: The Demand for Better London

Sustainable commercial buildings are important in the fight against climate change and play a significant role in enhancing investment attractiveness. By incorporating green building practices such as energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and water conservation, these buildings reduce greenhouse gas emissions and minimise environmental impact. Furthermore, they provide long-term cost savings by making the building…


Before and after collage of a cleaned and painted floor in the boiler room at 1 Berkeley Street.

Before-After: Boiler Room Transformation at 1 Berkeley Street

Polyteck has been selected to undertake the cleaning and painting project for the plant room at 1 Berkeley Street in London. The process starts with preparation, removing equipment and thorough cleaning. This eliminates contaminants compromising paint adhesion. We assess the floor’s condition, addressing any structural issues such as cracks or damage. Utilising high-quality primers, we…


Valentine’s Special: Showing Love to Your Building

Buildings Maintenance – Heartfelt Care and Forward-Thinking Vision Building maintenance encompasses more than just upkeep – it involves care, expertise, and a forward-looking approach for the facility’s future. A proactive, data-driven strategy offers not just maintenance, but also predictability, efficiency, and a dedication to your building’s long-term well-being. Given that the UK building maintenance market…


Chiller Replacement at 10 Grosvenor Street

Case Study: Chiller Replacement at 10 Grosvenor Street

The Chiller and Dry Air Cooler replacement project at 10 Grosvenor Street presented several challenges, including the lifting of the Dry Air Cooler units onto the roof, 4 stories high, also the manual handling challenge of the main chillers themselves into the basement chiller plant room. Since 2018, Polyteck has been a dedicated FM contractor…


A banner representing a dashboard of IoT monitoring software

What is IoT remote monitoring?

What is IoT remote monitoring? IoT remote monitoring is a process of using special sensors in machines and systems to collect data. Using this novel technique, temperature, pressure, current, voltage, and humidity can all be detected and monitored virtually quickly.  This increases efficiency, allows for smarter decisions, and encourages sustainability. The technology alters operational tactics,…