“Polyteck have been engaged to deliver a new heating and cooling systems (project) at 10 Grosvenor Street. We commenced works in early November 2023 stripping out both boilers and chillers at different stages of the project in a live building with tenants. Quite a task. Yesterday we had the commissioning engineers from Daiken on site to finalise the commissioning of their own product. We are now at Practical Completion. The tenants can now look forward to a cooler summer but more importantly a warmer winter to come.
I would also like to make a special mention to both teams who produced an outstanding job to have these systems being fully operational in a short period of time. This was due to having two remarkable engineering managers, Arbey Rincon and the chiller expert Veni Venizelou. Their thorough knowledge and leadership skills during this project have been second to none and both are a credit to Polyteck Building Services.”


Jim Kelly MBE
Building Manager
10 Grosvenor Street