Polyteck is an experienced property developer and regeneration specialist having become established through its ability to offer a friendly and professional project management service with people who are accountable to both the customer and the directors.

Our team is made up of highly talented and experienced individuals who operate a hands-on approach, following the company values of working in partnership, not only with the customer but with its contractors. This approach makes us professional and transparent giving everyone concerned a sense of confidence.

The Polyteck team believe in looking at innovation and design to solve problems but are not afraid to revisit more proven solutions if this is better suited to the project and constantly involve the interested parties.

We work commercially with of partners either as part of a joint venture, or on a straight forward contract basis. Projects range from £1m to £7m and can be multiple project types, from refurbishment to complete design and build projects for multiuse building.

Successful regeneration is about much more than just replacing buildings. Our expertise also encompasses working with local stakeholders through consultation, workshops and interviews to ensure that the right housing and commercial mix is provided.

Please see case studies for examples of projects

Whether your building needs are residential, commercial or industrial, Pokyteck will ensure everything goes to plan and within budget.

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