At Polyteck, our core belief is rooted in strong social values. We believe a thriving business is naturally linked to the well-being of the environment, the communities we serve, and the individuals who drive our success. This belief is not just a side project but an integral part of our business strategy. Beyond financial metrics, we measure our success by the positive impact we generate by supporting our communities and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our five-pillar Social Value strategy reflects this commitment, encompassing environmental sustainability, community engagement, our unwavering commitment to ethical business practices, employee well-being, and stakeholder engagement. Each pillar empowers us to contribute meaningfully, ensuring that Polyteck not only prospers but also acts as a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Company Social Values
Environmental Sustainability
Community Engagement
Ethical Business Practices
Employee Well-being
Stakeholder Engagement

Environmental Responsibility

At Polyteck, we are deeply committed to minimising our environmental footprint through comprehensive strategies implemented across all our operations. Our green energy initiative is at the forefront of our efforts, where we prioritise energy-efficient practices and transition our vehicle fleet to electric and hybrid models. Additionally, we integrate renewable energy sources such as solar PV panels and air-source heat pumps into our office infrastructure. Moreover, we integrate renewable energy sources like solar PV panels and air-source heat pumps into our offices. Our commitment to responsible waste management is equally paramount. We have robust recycling programs in place and prioritise the use of eco-friendly materials wherever possible. These initiatives are concrete steps towards inspiring a sustainable future and showcasing our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship.

At Polyteck, our commitment to innovation drives us to invest in our subsidiary companies, EnviroLogik and Pristine Water. EnviroLogik specialises in HVAC IoT technology and remote monitoring systems, while Pristine Water focuses on water treatment solutions. These strategic investments enhance our service offerings and empower our clients to manage their environmental impact effectively. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we enable our clients to achieve their net-zero targets and work towards the ambitious goal of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Social Responsibility

At Polyteck, we prioritise social responsibility, supporting organisations like Richard House Children’s Hospice and Shooting Star Children’s Hospices. Our employees actively participate in events they organise and are pleased to help them. We also engage in fundraising, such as the Christmas Fair at Woodford Green Primary School in 2023. Additionally, we support children’s development through partnerships with clubs like Cockfosters FC and Omonia Youth FC. A significant achievement was that by Costas Polycarpou initiative, 34 companies assisted the Omonia Youth U15 team’s first trip abroad.

At Polyteck, we recognise the vital role of supporting local communities. Our contribution of £10,000 to refurbish toilets for an Enfield charity exemplifies our dedication to making a tangible difference. Additionally, our ongoing partnership with Islington Council and our support for their programmes to benefit residents underscores our unwavering commitment to fostering positive change within our community.

At Polyteck, our brilliant teams are committed to their work and making a difference.  We have managed to support financially and participate in events such as the Lions Charity Golf Day and the annual Golf Tournament at Huntswood Golf Club, where we contributed to raising over £1400 for Cancer Research UK.  Additionally, we raised £1350 in just three days for the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal. One of our team members, Charlie Wills, ran the London Half Marathon on the 7th of April 2024 to raise funds for the Epilepsy Society. We participated in the Centrepoint Quiz night to raise funds for homeless young people.

Cultivating a Supportive and Inclusive Work Environment

At Polyteck, we prioritise creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive work environment for all our employees. We provide adequate training and resources to ensure their physical and mental well-being. To further enhance their experience, we promote work-life balance and offer support programmes to address any professional or personal challenges they may face. Additionally, we foster a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion, ensuring all employees feel valued and respected. By implementing these measures, Polyteck demonstrates a steadfast commitment to the well-being of our workforce, which is crucial to our continued success. This commitment is not just a statement but a core value we live by daily.

Commitment to Apprenticeship and Skills Development

Within our social value policy, Polyteck is deeply committed to promoting skills development, fostering talent, and providing opportunities for individuals to embark on fulfilling careers in our industry. As part of this commitment, we actively engage with job fairs and colleges to explore apprenticeship opportunities and connect with prospective apprentices. We actively participate in job fairs organised by educational institutions, industry associations, and community organisations to showcase Polyteck as an employer of choice and raise awareness about career opportunities. We partner with colleges, technical schools, and universities to develop tailored apprenticeship programs. Our recruitment process values diversity and aims to attract candidates from various backgrounds. Once apprentices join Polyteck, we provide ongoing mentorship, guidance, and support to help them succeed in their roles.

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Fostering Stakeholder Engagement and Upholding Social Values

Recognising the importance of engaging with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we operate, we actively seek feedback to understand their needs, expectations, and concerns. We aim to build strong relationships based on trust and mutual respect by maintaining open and transparent communication channels. Furthermore, we consider our business decisions’ social and environmental impact, seeking to create value for shareholders and society. Through collaborative efforts with our stakeholders, we strive to contribute positively to the communities we serve and address any issues responsibly and proactively. Polyteck’s commitment to stakeholder engagement ensures we remain responsive and accountable in all our endeavours.