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Plumbing & Draining

Plumbing Services London

There’s no shortage of plumbing companies in London, and most of them are good at what they do. So, if you’re looking for a regular plumber, you shouldn’t have any difficulties in finding one.

But if you’re looking for someone to go the extra mile, and need something a little more advanced than a basic plumbing job, Polyteck can provide you with the perfect solution.

What We Offer

We provide complete site service drainage management, taking care of all your plumbing and draining needs on a much larger scale. We like to look at the broader picture, focusing on the overall management of a drainage system rather than simply reacting to problems as they occur. Our approach is to maximise preventative measures, while always ready to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Less Administrative Stress

At the heart of our method is a desire to reduce the stress of administrative works. The key benefit of this is that it takes any plumbing or drainage concerns out of your hands, and leaves you to concentrate fully on your core business.

Here are some of the things we do to achieve this:

Planned Preventative Maintenance

A PPM contract protects your property and business from unnecessary damage and disruption. We perform regular planned maintenance on your drainage system in order to keep everything in working order. After all, the most effective way to tackle a plumbing problem is to make sure it never happens.

Planned preventive maintenance is the key aspect of our plumbing services, and something which sets us apart from the majority of plumbing companies in London. We are proud to count a number of prestige offices, commercial sites and domestic properties among the many buildings we currently provide with preventative plumbing and drainage maintenance.

Business Needs

We are also extremely sensitive to the needs of a business, and make it our mission to limit any disruption caused by plumbing and draining maintenance visits. Depending on your specific requirements, it is possible for such visits to be completed out of hours.

Plumbing and Draining Services

Emergency Drainage Clearing

As much as we wish it was otherwise, even planned maintenance is no guarantee against plumbing issues ever occurring. And unexpected drain blockages are one of the biggest nuisances of all. These can lead to extensive property damage and even pose a serious health and safety hazard.

That’s why we’re always on standby to take action. We know the potential disruption a drain blockage can cause, and offer quick and efficient problem confinement and rectification. If you’re ever in need of emergency drainage clearing, we’re here to help.

Drain Repairs

Drains are wonderful devices, but, sadly, they’re not always quite robust enough. Ground movement, water infiltration and other external factors can cause drains to crack and their joints to open up. These are issues which have to be dealt with, and fast.

That’s why we’re on hand to provide repairs. Any time you experience drain damage, we’ll be right there to fix things up again. And we’ll also suggest further solutions for future prevention and the long term stability of the site drainage system.

Other Services

But these are not the only plumbing and drainage services we provide. Here are a few of the others we offer:

  • Hot and Cold Services.
  • Bathroom Drainage.
  • Soil and Waste Services.
  • Root Removal.
  • Drain Replacement.

Whatever your drainage needs, Polyteck is one of the leading plumbing services in London. Our preventative measures and fast emergency response ensure the most effective management of your drainage system. Compared to other plumbing companies, we go the extra mile.

Contact us

If you would like to learn more about how we can meet your Plumbing and Drainage needs then contact us today on 020 7481 0222 or email us at info@polyteck.co.uk. You can also email us using our contact form here.