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Drainage Services

Keeping London Green and Its Drains Clean

Welcome to Polyteck Drainage services, we are a leading drainage company operating in the London and south east area.

We are a London-based, family-run company which offers a 24 hour call out service with rapid response times. Our dedicated team of experienced engineers are equipped to deal with any drainage problem. Whether it is a blocked drain, blocked toilet, blocked sink or blocked bath Polyteck drainage services will be able to help.

You may be asking yourself, “Why clean the soil stack?”. This sounds like a worthless endeavour to most people because if the only thing that escapes is air, why does it need to be cleaned? Several things can happen to create a blockage in the soil stack. Let’s take a look at some of those now:

  • Improper plunging of the toilet can create a blockage in the soil stack. Materials that flow from the toilet to the sewer are forced through the pipes when you use a plunger. Water and loose materials will take the path of least resistance, and sometimes this means they end up creating a blockage in the soil stack.
  • Dirt, debris, and muck can become lodged in or near the soil stack and create a big blockage over time. Flushed toys and cotton buds may float at the top of the pipes during the flushing process and become stuck in or near the soil stack. They continue to catch other debris, toys that shouldn’t be flushed, and other material, creating a blockage.
  • Plant roots may also create a blockage if there are plants nearby. Roots always strive to grow upward, so roots that enter the plumbing pipes and end up at the soil stack will try to grow upward toward fresh air and sunshine. This natural process, of course, creates a blockage that must be removed.

Polyteck’s leading drainage services

Here at Polyteck we use the state of the art stack coring machines such as Spartan 300 and 100 machines. This allows us to clear and clean any problem stacks.

CCTV drainage surveys

However complex your drainage system our surveyors provide the most comprehensive CCTV Drainage Integrity Survey Service available. Historically this service has been carried out by specialist drainage companies and it has been necessary for architects/engineers/developers to treat this work as a separate contract.

It is now possible for us to not only provide a fixed price quotation for CCTV drainage survey contracts, but also an all-in price for CCTV integrity survey/underground services trace/ground penetrating radar and topographical survey.

We use remotely-controlled, specialist camera systems and software to carry out a CCTV drains survey. These drain inspection cameras relay images back to our system, so that a technician can assess the structural condition and integrity of the drain or sewer.

Drain relining

A flexible liner soaked with resin is pushed through the drain, whilst an air bag is also pushed through to mould the resin to the pipe. The liner is heated and once cooled will mould exactly to the sides of the original pipe.

Once the air bag is removed, it leaves behind a smooth new pipe inside the original.

Drain services

When it comes to blocked or troublesome drains, Polyteck drainage serviced is all you need to know — wherever you are in the London and the surrounding areas.

Drainage Services from Polyteck

Whether it’s cleaning, clearing and unblocking drains; jetting or using a vacuum; drain repairs, relining or general drainage advice, you will find the same high standards across the board.

For emergencies, our 24-hour call out service means a fast solution to blocked drains for domestic and commercial clients. And for those of you who need a planned maintenance programme, which means you check on the state of your drains regularly, you’ll find Polyteck the perfect drainage partner.

If it’s drains expertise you need, you’ve come to the right place. Our engineers are friendly, enthusiastic about their work, and know what they’re about. And they use the most powerful and advanced technology and equipment to do their job.

How High Pressure Jetting Works

Root Cutting

One of the most common techniques is to use a mechanical auger. The mechanical method of root removal is simple, a powered sewer auger is sent down a sewer line with a rotating spiral head. The head has teeth on it much like a reciprocating saw blade. The rotating action cuts the roots, but many remain within the sewer line.

This clears the roots from the sewer line, but doesn’t solve the problem — the roots will grow back. “You’ve simply removed the symptom” – and that root that’s now cut off or snapped off or chewed off will immediately start to send out some fine tendrils, which will start the whole process again.

A resin liner would then be installed to seal the drain and stop the roots re-penetrating the system.

Sewer Renovation

Before deciding on the best renovation solution for a given drain or sewer, our CCTV engineers use sophisticated, remotely-controlled camera units to survey the pipe. This is an integral part of the sewer renovation service, and allows us to prepare a report detailing the nature of the problem, and the remedial action we recommend to effect full sewer rehabilitation.

In larger diameter pipes, we may carry out man-entry surveys with personnel trained in confined space working.

Renovation by relining

Wherever possible, our sewer renovation specialists use relining also known as ‘no-dig’ or ‘trenchless’ technology — to rehabilitate sewers and drains ranging from 100mm to 300mm in diameter.

For localised repairs to specific sections of drain, we may use a technique known as patching which is suitable for pipes with diameters from 100mm up to 1250mm

Pump station rehabilitation

Pumping stations are critical components in sewage and surface water systems, and their failure can cause catastrophic and costly damage to homes and businesses alike. That’s why it’s absolutely essential to keep pumping stations in full working condition by scheduling regular, expert maintenance and inspection.

Here at Polyteck drainage services we understand how important pumping station maintenance is, and we possess the experience and expertise required to deal with the particular challenges posed by working in such dangerous and undesirable environments.

Tanker works

Polyteck drainage services are a professional, environmentally conscious, fully licensed tanker and liquid waste logistics company specialising in the clearance of septic tanks, cess pits, pump chambers, gullies, grease traps & flood relief from construction & domestic sites all over London and the Home Counties. The experience that comes with our service is over 35 years in the Industry.

Our business can also support customers in all aspects of drainage including design, installations, renovation works, reactive & proactive maintenance.

We offer same day or next day service to meet our growing customer’s needs. The companies we use are fully licenced.

Drainage case studies

Bedford House

bedford house

Here at Polyteck we offer our clients a complete service from reactive call outs to long term solutions.

A prime example of this is Bedford house, they were experiencing blockages on a regular basis. We were called in to identify the cause of the issue and come up with a solution to rectify:

  • We first carried out a CCTV survey which showed us the system was suffering from heavy scale build up throughout.
  • Once we knew the cause of the blockages we set up a plan to fully descale the entire system using the Spartan 300 machine.
  • We first fully descaled the main stack catching the scale from various different points along the stack. The scale was then bagged up and removed from site.
  • Once the main stack was clear we descaled the float lines on each floor again catching the scale before it entered the already descaled main stack.
  • A full jet of the under slab drainage was carried out to ensure any loose scale that was missed is cleared from the system. Once this operation was complete the call outs reduced significantly saving the client money.

 Queensbury House

Here at Polyteck drainage services we meet all our client’s needs however large the task maybe.

we recently was given the huge task of clearing a blocked and flooding sump pump located 8 levels below ground meaning the tanker required to do the job would need to draw the water from over 150 metres away.

  • This job to any normal tanker could not be done as the distance was too far for any normal tanker to suck.
  • But at Polyteck drainage services we have access to the state of the art equipment and was able to utilise a super tanker to carry out the task in hand.
  • The sump was fully cleaned and cleared and the car park was reopened causing minimal inconvenience to our client.