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Air Conditioning

Aircon Servicing

Amongst other things, Polyteck is an air conditioning contractor specialising in air-con servicing. As you’re no doubt aware, air conditioning problems can have dire consequences. Not only do they result in uncomfortably warm surroundings, they can also lead a substantial drop in productivity when occurring in a business environment. So when it comes to air conditioning, you have to take care. This is not something you can simply install and forget about. To avoid problems, you need to look after it.

Polyteck Air Conditioning Services

That’s why Polyteck provides full air-con servicing. We understand that you have many other business needs to take care of, and don’t have the time to worry about your air conditioning system. With minimal interference, we’ll ensure that your air conditioning works to the best of its capabilities, and continues to do so over time. We’ll also be with you at every stage of the process. From the initial planning and installation, to ongoing maintenance and repairs, we’ll take all possible action to ensure your air conditioning is working as well as possible.

Air Conditioning Installation

To ensure the long term functioning of your air conditioning system, a successful installation process is of the utmost importance. There are a great number of factors which affect air conditioning units over time, and an air conditioning contractor must consider all of these during installation. Any decision made may have lasting consequences, so it’s important to get this right.

Knowledge and Experience

Since we are a one stop solution for all building needs, we have intimate knowledge of the interior workings of a building, and understand the challenges involved in the management of your premises. In other words, we are able to identify the unique character of every building, and tailor an air conditioning installation to meet your specific needs.

Future Performance

The main advantage of a successful installation is an air conditioning system which works well over time. You’ll reduce the potential for future problems and the need for repairs, leaving you free to focus on more central aspects of your business.

Air Conditioning Services Company

Servicing and Maintenance

We do a lot more than simply install air conditioning units. Since the best way to ensure effective functioning over time is to look after your air conditioning system with regular maintenance, this is a key part of our service. The most important benefit of regular maintenance is that it allows to us pinpoint potential problem areas, and take preventative action. Think about it, rather than waiting until your air conditioning stops working, calling in a professional to look at it, and waiting for it to be repaired, you’ll simply avoid the situation altogether. Our aircon services greatly reduce the likelihood of most air conditioning problems ever occurring.


But that’s not to say that nothing will ever go wrong. No matter how carefully you plan and look after your air conditioning, there is always a possibility that an unexpected issue could arise. That’s why we’re prepared for every eventuality. We have staff on standby that can be called in at short notice to undertake emergency repairs. And not only will make sure that everything is up and running again within the shortest time frame possible, we’ll also evaluate the problem and identify steps to take to ensure that it does not happen again.


Our air-con services are provided by our team of HVAC professionals who have undergone intensive training and are highly qualified. Our level of experience enables us to provide expert air conditioning solutions to even the most complex of modern buildings. If you need a quality air conditioning contractor to provide installation, maintenance and repair services, look no further than Polyteck.

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